Don't they make a lovely PAIR? *pics of bags & shoes*

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  1. I started a thread like this in the shoe subforum..
    But I thought it would be fun to narrow it down and share pics of some of our Chloe bags and matching shoes or Chloe shoes and matching bags.. Or Chloe bags and shoes.. or non-matching that you wear to compliment eachother..
    Show us you pairs ladies!!
  2. Chloe Python Betty & Frye Ava Tall Boots (Cognac)
  3. Chloe Python Silverado & Nike Air Max

  4. Chloe Python Betty & Durango Boots

  5. Python Betty Chain & Ugg Boots (Sand)

  6. Vote for FAV: Python betty & the UGGS! :faint:
  7. Hey chodessa - I've had the same idea running in my head for a long time... and hadn't gotten around to posting.... love all your bags :drool: and I am a huge boots girl. Will definitely add some matchy matchy pics of my own stuff very soon to this thread!
  8. Can't wait pretty lady Daisy!! I didn't see much action when I originally posted, so I feared no one was interested in posting!!
  9. LOL... MS. SILVER FOX: I thought of you as I posted that pic... 2 of your faves in one shot.. correct?
  10. YEP! Have on Uggs today, they are a fav.
    I am still a bit irritated that I did not buy paisley uggs... have you SEEN those IRL??

    Cho, BTW, there is a 30% off & free ship on Steve Maddens (Steals & Deals) if you are not "booted out" yet!
  11. Thanks Ellie!!
    I never wore these Sand Uggs..
    The truth is my DH bought me the Python Chain Betty and the Sand Uggs to go with because he thought they were a match... Very impressive for a man, NO??
    I know, I know... he's a keeper.... (sometimes...) LOL..
    Oh, and I've never seen the Paisley..
    I am more interested in Frye Boots personally.
    To me Uggs are really really really expensive slippers/house shoes... Although, nothing beats the warmth they give... barefoot it's like your feet are in clouds..
  12. I'd say he did a helluva job! :tup: Wear the uggs, CHO!
  13. Just for you, I will, and I'll snap a pic with the python... (one day, it will be yours m'dear...)

    Now show me some pics of your Chloes and matching boots Ms. Boot Collector!!
  14. I want the boots too Cho...

    Ordered taupe maddens w/ fringe today to go w/ the taupe day.
    Taupe boots are not easy to find. FRINGE (since the day has tassels) was a HUGE bonus!

    Will, promise... :tup:
  15. :drool: Such beautiful pairings there! I love your bags!

    I wanted to join in too - although it's a modelling pic rather than a proper "shoes and bag" pic.

    My gorgeous choco (Brun 07 paddy) and some cheap boots that match the colour perfectly :heart:

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