Don't they make a great pair?

  1. I carried my 05 grey City to work today, and my scrumptious Rouge makeup bag also arrived today (thanks Oh Donna!). JOY! I immediately transferred the contents of my Fendi makeup bag to the new Rouge and popped it into the grey City.

    WOW! I love this makeup bag!!! :love: Look how great these two colors and sizes go together! :nuts:
    CIMG0451.JPG CIMG0453.JPG CIMG0454.JPG
  2. that is one beautiful combo! Congrats on a gorgeous set :smile:
  3. :yes: They look very nice together. I didn't realize the make up was so large... I like it! :love:
  4. :love: love the combo! Makes me want to hunt down a bright color makeup bag!
  5. Me too! :nuts:
  6. I love them together!
  7. droooooooooooool
  8. Me three :nuts: . How can we stop at just one? :drool:
  9. stunning!
    where can we find the makeup bag?
  10. Lovely!!!

    By the way, can anyone tell me, um, what makes a makeup bag a makeup bag? :confused1:

    Sorry for the inane question, but couldn't it also be a clutch or something? Does it have pockets inside for brushes or something so its OBVIOUSLY a makeup clutch? :shrugs:

    Thanks Decophile or anyone!
  11. Gosh they are pretty together! We sure do have great taste dont we Decophile?.....skimatic10, there are no pockets inside (unfortunately) and I use the ones I have ALL the time. Especially on weekends when I dont want to carry a big bag. It fits my cell, cash, CC, checkbook coin purse, etc very nicely. I have it in Blueberry and Cornflower and my light pink is on its way! Yes its half the cost of a bag, but sooooo worth it.
  12. They were made for each other!! Congrats!!:drinkup:
  13. what a beautiful couple!
  14. I love them both !!!!
    Congrats for you beautiful couple !!!
  15. Yum. Decophile, I can't wait to see your family photos!
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