Don't they know it's Louis Vuitton??!!! (Rant)

  1. So today I took my car to the carwash. After they ran it through the wash, a guy drove it around to park it in line with all of the other cars getting dried by hand. So I'm sitting on the bench outside, waiting, enjoying the sunshine, and admiring my fresh pedicure .(which looks like pomme):nuts:It was a glorious day until..... I looked over at my car and realized that no one was working on it yet. (it was in que behind a few other cars) Then all of a my horror, I saw my pomme 4 key sitting on my back tire!!!!! WTF??????:mad: :rant: Some idiot decided that instead of leaving my keys in the ignition, they'd just put them on the dirty, greasy tire!!!!! :mad: :rant: Don't they know it's Louis Vuitton????!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to rip their heads off!! I immediately grabbed my 4 key off of the tire, and it was soaking wet!!!!!! I wiped it off and it was fine, but I was still pissed! I really wanted to tell the guy off, but I knew it would be a waste of breath since he can't speak English!!! So aggravating! It could have been a total disaster!

    Well, the day wasn't a total loss. I did get something fun in the mail. LVoe bandeau, LV shoe catalog, and spring/summer RTW catalog. I neeeeeeded a little presie after my trauma at the carwash!:yes:
    LVoe bandeau 01.JPG LVoe bandeau 02.JPG
  2. Sorry to hear about your keyholder.
    Congrats on the new bandeau - very cute.
  3. Sorry, but I couldn't help to smile when I read the title. ^_^

    I'm glad it worked out, congrats on your new bandeau. :yahoo:
  4. Maybe u should've brought it up w/the manager.
  5. I tried, but the manager was gone for the day! I have to go back tomorrow because I was so distracted/pissed about my 4-key, that I didn't notice they forgot my air freshener!!!! I'll definitely be talking to the manager!

    Then I think it's time to find a new car wash....
  6. i don't think its surprising that they didn't know it was LV.
    next time, you should just leave them with only the keys they need- and not your LV keyholder.

    i used to work at a carwash as a cashier, and we had signs everywhere stating that you should take all your important belongings with you while you wait~
  7. ^^ I agree. I usually don't leave my LV with anyone except for my DH or anyone who knows to be careful with them. I'm sure this person didn't even know. Heck, I didn't even know anything about all the lines until I started buying LV. For all they knew, it was just a plastic key holder. Just be careful next time. Love your purchases BTW! Hope ya feel better.
  8. Sorry to hear but I LVOE your bandeau!!!
  9. I have my car key on a separate ring, attached to my 4 key so I can easily remove it for valet. And I valet a lot for work. So normally I would remove it for valet, but there was just no reason at all that they even needed to take the keys out of the ignition at the car wash!
  10. awww...thanks.
  11. im sorry, but you should be more responsible for your own things. don't expect everybody to know what LV is.
  12. Sorry that happened to you....But indeed, most people don't actually know what LV is...Next time just separate the keys from the key holder, that way you'll have your piece of mind.

    I had sort of a similar experience at my car dealer last year. When I went in to get my winter/summer tires changed, they asked me for the keys as usual. I always have them attached to my black MC clés and just gave them the whole thing. It was only later on that I realized that I totally forgot to detach the keys, and when they handed them back to me I was horrified to see that the vachetta had turned much darker and the canvas was disgustingly greasy, I had to immediately clean it up with baby wipes. I couldn't believe the dirt someone could leave in 45 minutes compared to me handling my clés for over 2 years! Anyway, we've learned our lesson I guess.....:yes:
  13. How annoying! at least you've got a gorgeous new bandeau though!
  14. that's terrible! i think LV or not, they shouldn't have done that
  15. I agree.