Don't Store LV Bag In box???

  1. I went to pick up my 3 bags that were getting the corner hardware pieces replaced (white mc speedy and keepall and blue le fab, I missed my babies they were gone for 4 weeks) and the SA told me that I should not store my bags in the box unless i put a huge hole for air to get thru. He said that over time (meaning years) the leather will breakdown. Has anyone heard this???
  2. I have not heard this, But it sounds about right.
  3. Who told you that, what SA.

    and where ahve you been! I sent you messages on going to LV together!
  4. Well, the leather has to breathe, so I guess the box would restrict that. Surely some air will get through though, it's not like you're vaccum packing your bags with the boxes !
  5. That's SA told me when I got my Monogram Denim Chinchilla bag that it needed to be stored in the dustbag in the box in a dark closet due to the lizard and python skins. But I've never actually heard anyone say that you shouldn't keep them in the box like that..and I agree with Ayla..SOME air has to get through..the lids on the boxes don't really seem like they seal too tight for air to get in anyway.
  6. Yes- when I bought my Damier Alma on Saturday, my SA said the same thing. The bags have to breathe- if they don't, they will crack. In my 20 or so visits to the LV store, this is the first time I heard this!
  7. I don't store my bags in the boxes--too much trouble because I am always changing bags.
  8. My SA also advised me not to store my bags in their boxes...
  9. I have always heard you should store them away from light and heat. I'm going to call my SA tomorrow to ask him. I love to store my bags in their boxes.
  10. Sounds like a memo just went out to all LV staff... :smile:
  11. I just keep mine in their dustbags not the boxes.
  12. i store all my LV bags in their dustbags in the box ..

    does it mean that i shouldn't be doing it?
    and easpecially since i don't use my LV bags very often either ..

    i have the ones which i use most of the time and the others .. i use them about once a month? or less?

    how should i be storing them then?
    ooohh i'm getting all panicky
  13. Here's a thought: My mother had some absolutely fabulous purses and because we were a military family always on the move, she kept them stored in boxes. Over the years, she would only take them out if she were using them and then put them right back.

    About 5 years ago, she moved into a new home with these great closets (I'm modeling my master bedroom/bath/closets after hers :love: when we build our lakehouse!), and put the bags in their boxes all on shelves. She didn't do as many social functions after my dad died, so she didn't take the bags out as much.

    So last summer we are going through her closets and getting rid of stuff and started opening up these boxes. Many - but not all - of the bags were practically ruined. The beaded ones had deteriorated, leather ones had started to do something that resembled rot but it was called something else according to the guy we took them to. Nylon bags and many cloth bags had become brittle.

    Some were saved but most were tossed. She took them to a bag repair man and he told her to never ever ever put a handbag in a box or Rubbermaid container (guess that's pretty common) as they DO need to breathe.

    I have all my LV boxes (few that they are!) and stack them on my closet on a shelf. I just like to look at the boxes, too. :rolleyes:
  14. I'd love to store them in their bags then in their boxes but I store my speedies unfolded so only in the dustbag they go.

    Some of my Coach bags are in their dustbags then boxes though. The boxes are thinner and flimsier than LV boxes though.
  15. That is sad twoharleygal.