Don't shop w/ Bluefly! Their customer service sucks.

  1. I ordered something from bluefly for my sister yesterday. She decided she doesn't want it. I called bluefly this morning at 8am (b/c their rep are available from 8am) and told the rep that I want to cancel the item. She told me she'll let the warehouse know and have them cancel it.

    I chatted with another customer rep at 1pm to make sure the item was cancelled. She said she'll make a note of it again and let me know what the status is by email.

    I receive an email stating the item was shipped at 3pm. and I have 90days to return the item. Once returned I'll be credit for the item minus shipping cost.

    I was like :wtf: . Why couldnt they cancel it.

    So I chatted again with another flyrep asking her when the item got shipped. She says it RECENTLY got scan for shipping. When I heard that I was so upset. What were they doing for the past 7 hours? Do they do this on purpose b/c they don't lose any money on shipping cost?

    All she can say was sorry for inconvenience. :cursing: and we can't do anything once it gets scanned.

    They didn't do anything 7 hours before it got scanned and after it gets scanned, all they say is i'm sorry. :mad:

    I told them my credit card i paid the item with will be due on may 26th that means that I have to pay $900 for the item in advance since bluefly return policy sucks. (10-14 business days after they receive the item).

    $900 is alot to paid for something in advance. So I asked I would at least like to be credit for both way shipping cost. She said they can credit the return shipping only. And cannot credit the other shipping cost b/c its not their fault! :cursing: . And she checked with her supervior and she said the same thing.

    They are saying it was my fault since I should have cancelled it sooner. 7 hours in advance is not soon enough. I should cancel it one hour after placing an order, otherwise its my fault.

    What kind of customer service is this? I told her don't just say "I'm sorry for the inconvenience..." you have to try to make it better.

    I feel so much better after writing this. Sorry about the long rant. I just wanted to share my customer service experience with bluefly.

    This is far worst customer service ever with any online customer service.
  2. I agree. Their customer service lacks a lot to be desired!
  3. All I've heard about them is most often negative-I'm glad I didn't buy the bag I had in my cart this week!:nuts:
  4. Im sorry that happened but if it makes you feel better...when I returned something I thought I was going to have to wait 10-14 days and it was $1200 bucks. It only took 2 days from the time they received it to credit my card back. I just checked online and was shocked it took so fast. Hopefully the same will happen to you.
  5. I had a similar experience with Bloomingdale's, which I tried to cancel an order on SATURDAY that was mailed on MONDAY. But it couldn't be cancelled because customer service doesn't have any contact with the warehouse (ehh). With Bluefly, I was suppose to get a partial refund due to receiving a slightly damaged product, took several weeks and phone calls to get that. Soooo irritating!

  6. Can I ask what was the item you returned?

    I question how they can offer 20% off on designer names plus additional 10%-20% coupon code but be stingy with shipping cost.
  7. ha! Just wait till you try and return the bag. It'll take you the ENTIRE 90 days to chase them down and hound them about when you'll get you refund. Make sure you have tracking number on that. So you can threaten them with a chargeback if they take their sweet old time refunding you.
  8. I feel your pain...

    I was in the exact same situation this morning with except for my case their computer system messed up and doubled my order and I was trying to cancel the duplicate. I get a sorry it's too late to cancel it you'll have to return it to the store to get your credit.

    As for Bluefly I know how you feel with their customer service. It sucks! I bought something, returned it, waited 6 weeks and never got the credit. Then they told me they had no record of receiving the return but they would research it and would call me back. No phone call. I call back and they said they have to clear the credit the the supervisor. Then I call again when they don't call to let me know what the supervisor said. Then they say they'll credit me even but it will have up to 10 business days. Took almost 3 months to get my credit $1,500. I had to pay on it too. Ugh!

    By the way write down the tracking number on the return label. I didn't do this and when they said they never received the return I almost didn't get my credit at all.
  9. Yep Bluefly sucks. One time I bought a pair of Chanel boots and they came used and dirty ok?! They are USED and DIRTY on the bottom of the soles. Obviously, they were a return from other customer but....Don't they check out the return from other customers before they sell them back ? WTH? For 1200 bucks?
  10. after reading all these stories, i'm soo scared that my item will be used :sad: i just purchased a gucci purse. HAs anyone encountered a used purse before?
  11. i'm soo sorry this happened to you!!! they really should be doing more to accomodate your circumstances, considering it was THEIR fault!
  12. I also had a similar problem with Bloomingdales, never ordered from Bluefly because of what I read here, I ordered over the weekend, saw the item was reduced 40% on Monday. I said oh well I missed the sale, but then I was notified on Wednesday, they just sent the item. I asked them if I could receive the discount but they said no since I'd ordered prior to the sale, even though it went out after, they could not discount. I sent the item back.
  13. Thats just crazy, maybe if they start losing business they will fix their customer service.
  14. Just my thoughts, can you refuse the package on delivery? In that case, they should not charge you for any shipping fee and you can get the credit back sooner. Is that the case?
  15. Oh my, talk about deja vu. This happened to me about 6 months ago when I shopped with Blue Fly- the exact same situation. I placed an order, cancelled it hours later and CALLED to confirm that it was cancelled. I received both email and phone confirmation that the order was cancelled.

    Not only was it shipped anyway a few days later, but when they finally got the package back, they tried to offer me a credit towards my NEXT Blue Fly order instead of a direct refund.

    Absolute WORST customer services I've ever experienced. I wouldn't shop there again- not even if they had Birkin bags for $50.