Don't open unless you want to be teased...

  1. I was at NM Last Call at Woodbury Commons where there was so much MJ goodness I nearly fainted! I was so happy I had my camera with me, so I could share with my MJ guys and gals! So here goes!


    Top Line: Large Sachel - Dark Berry, Selma - Passion Fruit, Venetia - Tapioca (the suede is a scrumtios orange!)

    Bottom Line: Guinevere - Petunia, Multipocket - Fushia, Small Cammie - Gold
  2. Guienvere in Petunia
  3. Large Sachel (Turnlock Group) in Dark Berry

  4. The absolutely most gorgeous Venetia in Tapioca. I can't believe I walked away from this baby. It was about $660.

  5. New Sophia in Spearmint

  6. New Sophia in Washed Rose

  7. Multipocket in Fushia and Small Cammie in Gold

  8. Enjoy the eye candy! I just love the MJ colors and the amazing suede... and I have seriously now decided I want a Venetia! It's such a great size and fits on my shoulder... almost brought the tapioca home. *sigh*
  9. KittyBag, you are a doll! Thank you for sharing. =)
    Glad you finally tried on Venetia, you will have it in the near future. =)
  10. OMG that small gold cammie is gorgeaus! I love woodbury, ive never had much luck there though.. so did you buy anything? hehe
  11. eye candy galore, thanks so much for thinking of us! i need to go wipe the drool off my face...
  12. nearly fainted.

    /wipes drool :lol:
  13. Gorgeous bags! Thanks for taking the pictures. The tapioca venetia is TDF!
  14. I have that dark berry satchel/bowler!! I love it!! :love:

    I also love, love, love that petunia Guinevere!! :drool: Thank you for these fabulous pictures!!! It feels like I was there!
  15. BTW, do you remember how the much the Guinevere was?