dont make the same mistake i did ! (ebay)

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  1. Bought a gorgeous Louis Vuitton Palermo GM for about 600 dollers thinking, if the price is high it must be real ? There were pictures from all angles and I knew it was definetly authentic.
    When I finally recieved it I nearly cried ! They'd listed authentic pictures and sent a fake bag ! I couldnt believe it, I got my money back through paypal but just a warning.

    Even if the pictures are authentic it dosn't mean they'll send the same bag

    Has anyone else had this problem ?

    Katie x
  2. Yes, a lot of the members have.:crybaby:

    There are a lot of stolen pic from real bags, too
  3. Yikes, Katie, I'm so sorry this happened to you. Some scammers will do a "bait and switch" and it sounds like that's what happened to you.

    Our ebay forum here: has many threads from PFers who had the misfortune to experience the same thing. Others have posted ways to file complaints with ebay and Paypal and your cc company. Check out this thread:

    You can report fakes here:

    Good luck to you! :flowers:
  4. Ugh, that's frightening, but nowadays as long as you go through a source such as paypal you're pretty much covered.

    Would you mind posting the sn on here so that we know never to buy from this person?

  5. Certainly ! but... I just checked and they've closed the account.
    Its Vivienne_shop

    Which means they've probably opened a new one :sad: Not good !