Don't love my engagement ring

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  1. I'd love to hear opinions on this matter. I've had my ering for over a year and I'm now very happily married. I wanted an asscher cut and had the ring made. It was not a good experience. The first design was not what I asked for and I was really disappointed. My now hubby was annoyed but then calmed down. The jeweller was not keen but agreed to re-make. When I saw the new design I said can I go on the internet but the jeweller snapped that he wasn't looking at any more designs. When I finally got the ring I still didn't really love it but hoped it would grow on me. When I saw pics in my recent wedding photos I still feel the same about the setting. In some lights I like the diamond and in others not - in certain lights it looks dark in the centre. Now I'm confused and thinking even if if have it re-set I might still be unhappy.

    I don't know what to do. If it makes any difference I paid for part of the ring - I traded in one I already had which covered half of the cost. I mentioned to hubby last summer that I didn't like how the diamond looks in certain lights but he couldn't see the problem. He has no idea that I'm still not happy. What should I do? Any advice would be very welcome.
  2. Here is the ring. You can see the dark square in this picture.

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  3. I love the halo setting and it is my favorite setting. I think the ring looks lovely. Do you have another design in mind. Can you post of picture of it?
  4. I like halo settings where they are flush. What I don't like is that there is an 'airline' and you can definitely see the gap. From some angles I just don't like how it looks.
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  5. I definitely see what you are saying- are you more unhappy with the actual diamond or the setting?

  6. Oh i got it! Then that's the setting problem. Was the setting too big then?
  7. I see what you call the dark square but I'm not sure if this is caused by the setting or the actual diamond cut. Like LVoeletters asks, are you more unhappy with the setting or the diamond??
  8. Thank you so much for your thoughts. I definitely don't like gap in the setting. I believe the setting isn't too big but the diamond is too big to sit further down if that makes any sense. I guess my issue with the diamond is the bigger problem. To get a new setting would be easy enough to solve but what if I get that done and the dark square is still bugging me? Maybe I need just to talk it through with him - I know he'll be annoyed but will calm down after a bit!

  9. Can the jeweler redo the prone to fix the problem? So the stone can sit lower?
  10. Have you considered setting it without the halo? IMO, if the diamond is large enough and has very good clarity and color, it looks and shines better without a halo.
  11. I don't think stone could sit lower. It will need to be re-made I think. I will definitely go to a different jeweller to get any work done.
  12. I went through a similar experience with my engagement ring, and the third time was the charm for me. I also wasn't sure that I loved my stone, but in the right setting I can't stop staring at it!

    It sounds like you'd be a lot happier with your ring reset, so go for it! Were you thinking of a halo that sits more flush with the stone, like this?

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  13. The diamond is 2.4 and F colour, it's a VS1 and has no visible inclusions. I'm sure it would look ok set on it's own but I think I would prefer a round cut if I was having a solitaire.
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  14. Yes that's exactly the sort of setting. Thanks for posting the pics.

  15. Check with a different jeweler. They migt give you very different answers
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