Don't like my PERFO SPEED FUSCHIA...

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  1. You guys, I bught this bag a couple of days ago and I am soooo not into the color. They call it fuschia but it looks like a deep plum to me. I think i'll be selling it soon on the forum as soon as I reach 100 post if not I think I am going to list it on ebay. I really don't like ebay.:sad2:
  2. OHHHH you should try to sell it here. A lot of the girls like them. Good luck!!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Aw, sorry to hear you dont like it, but if you sell here I bet someone will make you an offer in no time! Good luck!
  5. If you've only had it for a few days, surely you could return it to the LV store or eLUX for a full refund? (unless it was a resold item)
  6. The girls are right, there are a ton of people here who are dying for one! Maybe you can arrange a deal with a fellow boardie. Could you post some pics so we can see how it looks, outside of the print ads? :smile:
  7. I had that bag and returned back to eluxury last week. I did not like it at all. Just me though. On someone else it is nice.
  8. Good luck with the sale if you do decide to go that route :biggrin:
  9. I love this bag!
  10. I can't upload my pictures, ....
  11. TADAAAA! I am waiting for the post to come up in the WTS thread.

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  12. I really hate when that happens.. not getting what you expected. :sad: I thought the inside color was pretty close to fuchsia but I just didn't like the way all of the holes looked.. for some reason it reminded me of golf. (The material on the handles of clubs that are holey.)

    Good luck selling it :smile:
  13. Can't you return it? Since it's only couple days ago so new!
  14. Goodluck with the sale
  15. Yea, but I was trying to avoid that.If it doesn't sell here i'll have to do that