Don't let a 3 YO do your makeup...This is what you'll come out looking like!

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  1. hehe, excuse my hair :smile: We came from the pool a bit ago and I didn't blowdry it!

    [​IMG] my makeup artist, Nicole :smile:


    Have a nice day! :p
  2. Hahaha...that's adorable!
  3. LOL! My kids used to do that-or my hair. I had some caraaazy looks! Enjoy-I miss those days.:crybaby:
  4. Oh man! How cute is she! And you of course!
  5. lol cute
  6. She's precious!
  7. OMG your daughter is too cute, and it's great you let her be so fun and creative :lol:
  8. wow! lol! looks like yall had a lot of fun!
  9. looks like fun!
  10. awww the little girl is adorable! You look fabulous! lol!
  11. thats so cute!
  12. Aw, she's a cutie-pie! And lavender is a good color on you... I'd just stick to the lips and eyelids, and not so much on the forehead and nose! :graucho:
  13. aww cute!
  14. haha, thanks everybody :smile: It was worth it to let her do her "work". She was very proud of herself and she had a lot of fun, which is all that matters!

    The zits that I got from all that makeup were worth it - they'll go away soon anyway!
  15. That look is fab for you! :lol:...I think it's more of an evening look, don't you? :biggrin:.

    You are so sweet to post that! It was just adorable! Thanks for the great giggle!