Don't Leave Your Keys in the Ignition at the Gas Station!

  1. I was talking on the phone to my parents the other day, when all of a sudden I hear this woman screaming in the background, "MY CAR! MY CAR!"

    As it turns out, my parents were just pulling onto the highway from a gas station. Some woman had left her keys in the ignition and went inside to pay, and a man jumped in her car and sped around my parents (at least he didn't hit their car!) and jumped right onto the middle lane on the highway!


    Lesson learned: Never leave your keys in the ignition at the gas station!

    Just as a habit, I always hold my keys when pumping gas. You're not supposed to leave your car turned on when you're pumping gas anyway!
  2. I hold mine too, but this is deftinantly a good tip! Thanks!
  3. :shame:I'm sorry . . . this seems obvious to me :s
    it's actually illegal, here anyways, to leave them in the ignition.
    Who does that?
    I'm in a nice area and I would never do that:nogood:
    I guess people do it?
  4. wtf? who leaves their keys in the ignition EVER?! that's nearly inviting someone to take off with your vehicle.

    if you don't hold onto them when you're pumping gas, what else would you possibly do with them?
  5. Brilliant.
  6. Wow :rolleyes:
  7. Wow! Some people are not too smart. The only time I leave my keys in the car when I'm pumping gas is when someone else is in the car with me.
  8. I don't ever leave my car in the ignition if I'm not in it. Even if I'm literally standing right next to my car I wouldn't just leave the keys in (with the car on or off).

    (a) You're practically asking for your car to get stolen.
    (b) If you leave your car running it just wastes gas for no reason.
  9. i have to have my keys when i'm pumping gas, because my gas tank has a locking lid.
    well. not that anyone would want to steal my piece of crap car, anyway. :p
  10. Oh my GOSH! I always leave my keys in because I listen to the radio while I pump. SCARY!!!
  11. ^^Not only is is scary that your car can get stolen, its a fire hazard also.
    All around, not a smart idea at all...
  12. I guess I'm not so smart right along with you. I always leave my keys and listen to the radio too. I pay at the pump, so it's not like I'm leaving the car. When it's cold I get back into the car until the tank is full. :shrugs:
  13. common sense??? right?:shrugs: maybe because I'm from nyc,but I ever left my keys in the ignition.
  14. Just for clarification - is it a fire hazard to have the keys in the ignition if the engine is off?
  15. Im such a ditz sometimes, I didnt even think about having the radio on while the car is off. As long as the engine is off, there is no fire hazard, however, if you return to your car while pumping gas you can create static electricity which CAN spark the fumes from the gas and cause a fire. Yea, its a pretty small possibility that you will actually cause a fire, but better safe than sorry IMHO!