Don't Leave Home Without It !!

  1. There are a some things that I carry in my bag all the time.

    My Wallet, keys, Cellphone, Hand Sanitizer, Tissues, A Pen, trial size Toothpaste, Tooth Brush, tic tac's, My ID, and Makeup Bag.

    What must be in your bag ?
  2. Wallet, Keys, makeup bag, small bottle Lovely perfume, cigs, lighter, sugerfree gum, hand sanitzer individual packs, cell phone, sunglasses, pens, 1 tampon (just in case)!
  3. Exactly what I carry, except for the toothpaste/toothbrush (only carried it when I worked). I brush after meals at home, but never thought of carrying it with me when I went out :huh:?...maybe I should. Oh, I do carry a feminine pad too, some pantiliners and a cute pill box full of Women's Centrum vitamins and some aspirin and last but not least some ponytail holders.
  4. purse (wallet) containing driver's licence,keys,lipstick or gloss (usually both LOL),tiny compact mirror,comb,mobile phone,asthma inhaler,hair tie.
  5. Sunglasses(warding off the crows feet,lol),keys,and wallet. I never leave without them.:biggrin:
  6. Wallet, agenda, cell phone, pen, keys, mini hairbrush and travel bottle of Excedrin. Pretty much everything that's in my bag :P I can't drive during the day without sunglasses, but I keep them in the car.
  7. Wallet, keys, purell, mac lipglass, motrin, sunglasses and gum.
  8. Wallet, busspass (for the days I go to school), books (schoolbooks when I go to school, and other types of litterature elsewhere), key to my locker at school, lipgloss and powder, house keys, sunglasses when the weather allows it (I don't want to add extra value to the stuff I carry unless I have to) and iPod.
  9. Wallet, keys, powder compact, lotion (this one's really important !) and.. my Tide to Go just in case ! ;)
  10. wallet, keys, cellphone, gum
  11. Wallet, keys, phone, makeup bag, sunnies, asthma inhaler, gum, advil, small brush, hairties, pens. I go nuts if I don't have these with me!
  12. wallet, keys, a liter of water, book, notebook (for tracking what i eat and misc. notes to self), pens, gum, advil (for headaches) and aleve (for cramps), nail file, 2 tubes of hand cream, makeup case containing blotting sheets, fekkai glossing cream, small atomizer of shalimar, pony holders, tampons, and a million lip products. on the RARE occaisions i'm not taking my purse i only grab the wallet, the water, the keys, the notebook, a pen, the blotting sheets and one of the lip products. that will all usually fit in pockets. i alwaysalwaysalways forget my cell, much to hubby's dismay.
  13. wallet, chapstick, lipgloss, chapstick, nail file, hand cream
  14. I always carry my wallet, keys, cell, chapstick, compact powder, lipgloss, gum and a pen.
  15. Lets see, wallet, cell fone, keys, advil, small bottle of perfum (trial size) lip gloss, lipstick, chapstick, eyedrop, compact mirror, and lotion.