Don't leave aspirin laying around!

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  1. I wanted to tell this story in case no one knew.

    A few years back, I had a kitten. I noticed that her face was really swollen and she was sort of just laying in the dark. Well her face got puffier and puffier. I got really scared so my mom and I took her to the vet. She had eaten an aspirin, and was slowly dying. It was so horrible, we had to have her put to sleep.

    Sorry I'm not good at story telling, but I just wanted to warn those of you out there that didn't know the harmful effects of aspirin. I always make sure I never leave any pills laying around anymore.
  2. :wtf: That's so sad!!!!!!!!!! :sad: Thanks for sharing.
  3. That is so sad. Thanks for the info and sorry to hear about your kitty :sad:
  4. That is sooo sad! Thanks for sharing, hopefully your story will prevent other deaths.
  5. I really hope so! Thanks you guys..
  6. OMG how sad...poor kitty.
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