Don't laugh TJ Maxx

  1. So I was in TJ Maxx looking for a shirt for my son. I always wander by the jewelry case and low and behold-AMAZING! Everything in the case was Indy designers! I've been working for a specialty Indy Designer boutique and I found so many pieces by some of the same artists we carry. I recently mentioned Bot-Ami this amazing Isreali Artist (we sell her pieces for 3 and 4 hundred each, I got one there for 60.) I know now what cost is and that the general mark-up for big box stores is about 300-700% depending on the item and ours ranges from 300-900% (yes we buy some things for 140 and mark them to 1300-and they sell all day long- heck we buy pendants for 1.00 and sell them for 65. on a 1.00 chain) but anyhow, the point is-check out TJ Maxx!!! No bull, the manager told me that their corporate main buyer buys out stores like the one I work for and was at one time an Indy designer herself. They had amazing pearls, bracelets and a whole men's case that my husband even liked (and he isn't the jewelry type of guy). They had Movado watches for 2, 3 and 4 hundred and I could have spent a fortune just in the one store. Check it out if you have one near you!
  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads up! I know the huge stores always have the 300% + markup. I used to work with diamonds and it's all the same!
  3. Love TJ Maxx!
  4. TJ MAXX is great! I bought some pearls a few days ago
  5. TJ Maxx has alot of great hidden treasures!
  6. my tjmaxx is awful but at filene's basement i saw lots of designer watches: hermes, 1 cartier, movado, and some others.
  7. OMG! There is not a lot I would not do for a Cartier tank watch!
  8. I've seen Michelle, Dior, Movado and Elini watches @ TJ Maxx
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    I learned a few years ago that some of the TJMaxx's have much more extensive jewelry departments than others. They don't all get the same amount of inventory, or the same quality. If you find a good one, you are in luck! About 5 years ago I purchased some Bat Ami jewelry there -- x a few Lagos pieces, etc. But, you never know when they're going to have something spectacular there. Its always hit or miss.
  10. Oh yes...Maxx is a good jewelry resource. It's very popular with me and my friends. The quality of their items are really nice.....and I find the BEST sterling pieces there hands down!!

  11. I just bought some earrings from TJM yesterday, lol. I did spot a nice Movado watch that I will probably buy if it's still there when I go back tomorrow.
  12. I love TJ's! I've purchased Kate Spades, seven jeans, a friend got chanel sunnies there - it takes a bit of luck but it's amazing!
  13. Which store in the northeast vicinty has the most Lagos jewelry? How often do you see it come in ?
  14. Dammit, I wish this hadn't been bumped. Now I am reminded that our TJMaxx/Marshalls all totally suck.
  15. love love tj maxx!