Don't laugh...silly questions

  1. Okay, so I will admit I'm totally new to Bbags. I've been sort of interested in them but not really looked into actually buying one until recently. I've been looking at many sections of the forum trying to learn what I can. I was curious, however, as to what kind of Bbag Ashlee Simspon is seen with in a lot of pictures. Not the quilted one, but just a regular black one. Is it a city? Cuz I'm interested in the one she's wearing.

    Also, is magenta a color that is often available in the summer? I really would like to get black and then a more of a summer color bag. Thanks much ahead of time.

    Susie :yes:
  2. I believe ashlee has a black city.. I think it would be an excellent choice for a first bag... as far as the magenta is concerned, it was released summer of 2005 and balenciaga does not repeat colors so your best bet would be eBay... good luck and welcome to the site =)