Don't Laugh, LaToya Jackson In Her New Ad Campaign

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  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    LaToya Jackson promotes Star Ice, an Australian malt beverage
  2. Does anyone else think she looks like Charo in that first pic?
  3. the first picture is ok (she needs to scrub her face int he second one) but she doesn't look like she's hawking a soft drink, lol!
  4. I tried not to didn't work.
    Don't shoot me but in the first pic she looks like a cross between Charo and her brother, Michael.
  5. LOL!! She totally does!! (I feel like we are insulting Charo!)

  6. [​IMG] She certainly didnt start off by looking like her :nuts:
  7. Agreed. She a sort of scary "too-much-plastic-surgery" look going on with her face. She looks she's in good shape otherwise.
  8. :wtf: I don't want to laugh...I just want to cry.

  9. hahha I LOVE CHARO!!!!! shes freaking cool. lol

    havent seen or heard much of latoya....isnt she a porn star?
  10. Oh, I'm laughing!! better believe it.:lol:

  11. O my Prada's! She really does look like Charo :lol:

    Why o why did she do that to her nose???? :confused1: Whoever the Jackson surgeon is should have his/her license revoked. :yes:
  12. ^^^^
    Ditto, couldn't help it :P
  13. CHARO ROCKS!!! LaToya does not...:confused1:
  14. regardless who she reminds me of.. she looks frecking ridiculous !!!
    all i can do is shake my head and feel sorry for her..
    she has no idea how bad she looks
  15. ohh good lordd...she looks so crappie...ops*