Don't laugh....I am new!

  1. I purchased my first Burberry bag in the candy check. Now I am having trouble finding accessories to match. Is the candy check considered a "summer pattern" or is it something that Burberry is discontinuing?

  2. congrats! i have a candy check, i find it very neutral and it goes well with pretty much all of my clothes. if i'm not mistaken i think its already discontinued.
  3. Welcome to the Purse Forum oriolesfan!

    And congrats on your first Burberry! Please post pics!
  4. the outlets are probably going to be your best bet... good luck and congrats:yahoo:
  5. Congratulations.
  6. Congrats-
  7. We don't laugh at newbies or anybody else! There is a lot of nice ppl here. Outlets (just came back from the Premiums in Orlando) are showing lots of those accesories.
    Check them out and post your new purse!!
  8. Thanks for the welcome everyone!

    I will figure out how to post pictures soon and then I'll post it. Maybe I'll surround it with my Burberry winter scarves! First I was hooked on one scarf, then I had to buy another and then another....eeks!

    I wish I was close to a Burberry outlet. I am hoping that I find something to match it when I am in the Carribean in September. The nearest outlet is at least 4 hours away from me. I'm just hooked on Burberry now!

    Thanks again for the info and everyone at fPF has been great so far!
  9. congrats!! ;)
  10. Congrats, pls. post pictures of your collection soon!