Don't laugh, but I think these wedges are cute...

  1. do you? I'm looking for at at least one other TPFer who doesn't think I'm nuts before I order them. I think they would be adorable under wide-leg jeans or with...dare I say...denim gauchos (gasp!). I'm dieing to wear some color the minute the rain lets up. Cute or just plain dorky?

    Nine West from Zappos

  2. I don't like orange anyway so it's not a good start for me but I do like the contrasting sole however the contrasting toe looks a bit off
  3. when i first saw them at the store i thought they were kinda cute.. i tried the yellow ones on, but the shade of yellow wasn't nice at all.. these aren't bad though.. however, with wide legs or gauchos.. i dont think that would look good.. i think they'd look better with skinny jeans and a cute t-shirt

    get them if you really think you'd wear them.. although they're nothing AMAZING, they could be pulled off nicely if worn right
  4. I think they're super cute.
  5. I don't really like them so much.
  6. I love them!
  7. They're very cute (:
  8. I think they'd be cute with white capris or shorts. I'd like them better with white around them instead of nude or beige or whatever that is though.

  9. I think you're right on both counts. They would be so adorable with white capris...especially if the toe and banding were white, as well.
  10. sorry i'm not a fan
  11. I definitely figured not everyone would be a fan, but I think they are cute and fun. I received them overnight from Zappos on Friday. They are so adorable (love the color!) but unfortunately they fit about 1/2 size too small (which is really unusual for Nine West).

    I can get them on but just barely. For kicks I paired them with a cute pair of stone (khaki) colored cropped flood pants (wide-leg capris). They match the banding around the base of the shoes perfectly. So I reordered the shoes 1/2 size up.

    I love wedges...I can't seem to get enough of them...especially in the Spring.
  12. what material is the shoe made from? from the pics it looks like linen with leather lining?? with fabric shoes i find that they stretch out after a few wears so I tend to get them about .5 a size tight. that way once they are stretched out they will fit perfectly
  13. I'd love to see a pic of them on your feet when you get them!
  14. Gucci has some wedges in that exact same shape but with the G's all over it. both look cute and comfortable.
  15. I think they're cute in a trendy kind of way. It's nice to have shoes in fun colors.