Don't Laugh At Me But...

  1. What stores carry Balenciaga bags?

    (I have been out of circulation for nearly a decade with all my babies and I want to go see some BBags. Any help for an old lady?)
  2. and don't forget Barney's.....always has tons of b-bags :P
  3. Thank you all. I have been to my Neiman and Nordstroms, but when I went they didn't have any. Either they are out or maybe they don't always have. My stores are busy, so I coould see that they may blow out the door. I will try again.
  4. Aloha Rag is also great! (via web though). BTW I had to special order mine from NM- they usually don't have any out on the floor but can special order no problem!
  5. Kirna Zabete (in NYC) seems to always have a large selection of the latest B-bags every time I went in there. The SAs are friendly and they do ship to a lot of places.