Dont laugh at me...but these are part of the reason why I love the MA/MAM so much!

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  1. You might think they are horrid; I know my sister does. Everytime she sees one of my train cases, she is just like EWWWWW, those are so fifties! GROSS! My mom despises them too! Nonetheless, I love my vintage train cases. I used to have tons of them but have streamlined my collection to 7 or so. I love the lady-like appeal, the vintage look, the simple lines, minimal hardware and more than anything, the bright colors! I have a bright mottled pink, a magenta, a baby blue, a silk lined dark gray, a black,a green, and a white one. I use them to hold makeup, toiletries, school supplies, and even use the magenta colored one as my toolbox! (Sometimes when I go on trips, I will try to use one as my carry on bag but my family usually forces me to use a regular carry on bag because they hate my train cases so much!)

    When I found about Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag, it was love at first sight! For me, it was a natural transition; IMO the train case and the MA are very similar, although many might argue with me on that. To me however, the subtle femininity, the clean, simple lines, the slightly vintage "look" and the minimal hardware convinced me that the RM MA was THE bag for me.

    So anyhoo, that is my personal experience of how and why I became so madly in love with the MA/MAM! You can laugh if you want!

  2. Aw Gung I think that's great! I definitely see the similarities and I like that pink train case!
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    you won't believe it, but i have 3 of these myself:shame:

    me and my mom love to use them to hold cosmetics, jewelry, bobby pins, safety pins, etc etc etc when we are traveling! they are quite convenient...
  4. OT but Riley its 5:30 and we're still here! LOL
  5. Heh! I love all the compartments!
  6. ^^me too!
  7. ^Now I wanna see yours! Give up the pics, girl! =)
  8. ha- its in my moms room right now, and she's in bed! I'll take some for you later tomorrow...well today technically...i don't wnt to wake her up scrimmaging thru her room!
  9. Hahaha, you are so cute, GUNG! I myself have 1! :biggrin: I use it to store my make up at home!
  10. Yup- I also have one of these and I love it. It's blue and it holds my nail polish!!! I used to have a pink one too but I think my sis may have kyped it.
  11. Those are fabulous! Thanks for posting them.
  12. They're not horrid; they're beautiful! I have a couple myself and I'm always looking for more. So much more personality than boring old plastic bins. And they do remind me of a MAB, now that you mention it.
  13. I have one too! It's so vintage, it's ANCIENT. I think it's from the 30s. I use it to store makeup.

    You're amongst friends here, GUNG!
  14. Awww, it's cute! I love the color!
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao: LMAO!