Don't know who's more stupid... buyer or eBay...


    Both from the same seller.
    Ok, you see things like that on eBay every day... but this is such a good example of a f§%#%&g rude seller...
    He/she says, she bought both bags directly from the LV-store, one in Berlin, the other in Hamburg. Gives also a nice date of the purchase, seller will get the original receipt, etc.
    And of course, the bags are so well made and like new, because she has so many :rant: :cry:
    Some people already tried to protect the bidders by bidding on these fakes w/ eBay-ID's like "This_bag_is_not_real!!!"

    The "best" thing IMO: white MC Alma-fake
    -> The seller answered a question, why the bag isn't red inside... Guess why?
    It was bitten by her dog, she send the Alma to LV and they repaired it - and changed the lining and put those ugly feets on the bottom... :roflmfao:
    Hello??? I don't know, if I should cry or laugh right now... :shocked:
  2. omg, you can tell it's fake right away, cause who puts up an alma or $115??
  3. Those are sooo hideous, you need to go and play on till your brain feels better.
  4. oh geez, those are HORRIBLE fakes, one glance & your can tell right away before the whole picture even loads. It's sad that someone is actually going to pay money for that
  5. I don't understand Ebay. I never seen so many fakes in there before. I thought they have Vero program. How come this people can get away???

    This is what I want to propose to Ebay
    In every single listing has misuse/report button to push in order to report fake/trademark infringement. Sometime I don't botther to do it because the procedure isn't that simple. If every listing has report button, people like us can just push it an tell what's going on and let them do the rest.
    Can't people see those bags are fake, not even good fake....
    the sellers and bidders are made for each other
  6. ewwwwwwwwwwwww Those Alma's are nasty!
  7. Ewwwwwww!!!
  8. thanks for the translation! the dog ate it-thats' an old American excuse for not doing our homework!:roflmfao: what a load of horse:censor: !!!!!!!!!
  9. I think some of these buyers know that its a fake and they don't care. They can't afford the real deal so they go buy fakes. All idiots!!
  10. The Fakes On eBay Is Nothing New....It's Been Going On Since Pretty Much The Beginning........It's So Sad!
  11. even if you report the fakes, they don't do anything! one time i reported a whole page of fake cerises speedies...probably 10 of them. all they did was send me a thank you email, but they NEVER took the auctions down :mad:
    ebay doesn't care! they make a profit off of everything that is listed, sold and payed for (since they also now own Paypal).
    until they get busted (like w/tiffany & co.) they don't care about the fakes :rant:
  12. I Never Bought Any Lv Bags On Ebay, To Get Lv Bags Just Call The Hotline!
  13. I think there are buyers who know they're buying fakes and buyers who are totally getting duped.
    I hear buyers asking all the right questions, getting all the wrong answers (like someone giving a style number when asked for the date code) and bidding ANYWAY!

    The other day, a very obvious fake Theda sold for $1050 and I know people were bidding just because it came with an elux receipt! It was sickening.

    Unfortunately if you're not willing to do your research, you can really get scammed on ebay.

    I just imagine these clueless women walking around with this horrible fake bag that they assume is real since they paid so much for it and it came with a receipt. Poor, poor things.
  14. Ebay does nothing too.
    I saw someone listing an auction using NOT ONLY the pictures from an AUTHENTIC Theda but also the description VERBATIM from the original sellers auction!
    In addition, the 2nd seller had a handful of positive feedbacks from buyers with 5-7 feedbacks each.
    When I went to look at the buyers feedbacks 3-4 each had positive feedbacks from all the same sellers.

    So the seller stealing the auction pics also VERY obviously had multiple ebay accounts and was building up his feedback on his own with phantom buyers!!

    Reported to ebay-I got a nice e-mail saying Thanks but they didn't see enough proof to see that anything was wrong.
  15. It's very difficult to sell an authentic LV on ebay anymore- people are so skeptical, they don't bid for fear of getting scammed. One reason I'm really sad the Marketplace is gone.