Dont know what to get??

  1. Ok, Soo... I have been eyeing the Dentelle speedy and Horizontal for months, but never bought it, then recently I have been eyeing the Trevi. I dont know what to get... I like that the Trevi is both hand held and shoulder as I dont have a shoulder bag yet, but its going to be around for awhile and isnt limited like the Dentelle. So I was leaning back towards the Dentelle although Im wondering if its to late to try to find that in the store? Especially the horizontal.. :crybaby: I dont know what to do... Do I get the Dentelle Ive been dreaming of? Even though it may have a bad shelf life due to the stiching?? Or do I go for the Trevi which is readily available but will be around forever? Help!
  2. I would get the Dentelle's so pretty! And like you said, the Trevi will always be there, so there's no rush. I think they're still in stores; my LV still has them! Good luck! Let us know what you end up getting!
  3. Welllll... since the dentelle is not around much and you keep thinking of her, I'd say try to find one of those? You can call the 866 Vuitton number and I'm sure that they would be happy to try and find you one! I donno if you can order from here, but I think the store on Geary St in San Francisco still had some dentelle items (at least when I was last in this week anyway). Good luck!
  4. I saw a speedy on eluxery, apparently they dont ship outside of the us. there was a speedy here in edmonton but it was gold, but I havent seen a horizontal irl... really want to. hmm... guess I'll have to do some calling around.
  5. DENTELLE!!!!!!

    It's limited & gorgeous you can always get the trevi later.
    Plus the sticthing is NOT delicate it's truely not a problem, my purse which I have used every day since released looks just like it did the day I picked it up
  6. Which did you get?? have the handles darkened at all or any complaints about it?? I really love the dentelle, its sooo girly :heart:
  7. I'd go for the trevi...not a fan of the dentelle.

  8. No complaints at all I have the Kirsten I've barely used her but the one I was talking was the pochette long purse
    (purse as in wallet rather than bag)
    I've used that every day also I mostly used in a speedy 25 which is my day bag. the size of the purse is almost the same as the size of the opening on the speedy 25 so it has rubbed up against the zipper many time now problems at all I know people were worried about it catching on things but it's not a problem if it was going to catch it would have done so already.
  9. The only piece from the Dentelle line that I like is the BH. For some reason, I find that bag gorgeous. You should try to find that one! I haven't seen it for a while but my boutiques aren't always that great.

  10. ^^^ITA, I adore my Dentelle and use it often. It still looks amazing and it is limited!
  11. Ok so I did some calling to the stores close enough for a day drive, I found 2 speedy's and 2 Horizontal's so I'm gonna look at them this weekend. Thanks for the help label addict, I needed some reassuring that for the price I would get lots of use out of it. Now I just need to see which I like more :pIve never even tried on a Horizontal but I like them on other pf members, but I know I love my speedy so either way I'll be happy. Now im excited!! Thanks again everyone!!

  12. Ok so this is a little off topic but, do you use your Fleurs key holder for keys? or for a purse charm?? I looked at one a couple days ago and love it!! I want it for a key chain but wasnt sure how well that would work becuase of the claw/clasp part. Do keys move freely on there?
  13. I only use it as a purse charm. IMO it won't take the banging around that a key holder gets. It's not exactly fragile but not the most sturdy key holder I've owned.

    Also own the dentelle BH & can't recommend it enough! It's sooo beautiful IRL & the lace is not delicate. As long as it's not abused it definitely stands up to daily use. I've been using it since I bought it at the beginning of the month(until I got the Mirage Speedy a couple days ago...heehee) and it's very easy to schlep around. Just a note though, there was a problem with the glazing when I first bought it. I was able to exchange it for a perfect bag but if you buy one, check it out carefully.

    Happy choosing & make sure to post when you bring your baby home!:smile:
  14. what kind of glazing problem? just so i know what im looking for??
    Thanks :smile:
  15. trevi sounds more practical ... dentelle is LE ... hmmm, get both!