dont know what to get in a small mc piece

  1. i like the mc pochette mm and the wapity but dont know which one to get!!
  2. Hmmm.. my suggestions: I like the Pochette MM. ;)
  3. I love the pochette MM. These are 2 different items. What do you need to stow in either case? Pochette is flat and small. Wapity is square somethings bulky even though you might think it holds more.
  4. i have the wapity and I love it! maybe a cles??
  5. Wapity! looooooooooove it :yes:
  6. wapity (i had a bad experience though.......oh well..........ill buy another one) bout get both :devil: muhahaha!!! if not, the wapity in black is SO HAUT!!
  7. sorry, double post
  8. Def the MC Wapity! :love:
  9. i prefer the Wapity. it has the strap that you can hang off your bag or in your wrist. and get it in white, it's so pretty and feminine :love:
  10. i think the wapity looks very useful!
  11. I say the wapity. I love the look of it!
  12. My vote goes for the wapity!
  13. I like the pochette...
  14. I like the Wapity!