Dont know what to do

  1. My story isnt as dramtic as the above statement.

    It is my Birthday on 13.01.07 and i am going on a holiday on 26.01.07.

    I am allowed to purchase the mini pochette accessoires.

    When should i get it??? For my B'Day or on my holiday??

    I am torn - yet thinking B'day!!
  2. On your Birthday, definitely! That way it's a true bday present and you can take it on holiday with you.
  3. Birthday present!!! That way you can rock it out on vaca!
  4. hehehe thank you for your help B'Day it is now all i have to do is count down the days!!! yay for me
  5. I am excited for you! Happy Bday!
  6. Definitely birthday. It's a day before mine, btw ;). How old are you turning?
  7. Birthday!
  8. Oh yeah, b-day for sure. Have a great holiday too!!
  9. bday!!!
  10. birthdayyy...!!!
  11. To be honest - birthday is nice but I love buying things on holiday - it's a reminder of the place etc, plus everyone has so much more time on holiday in shops etc (I mean you and whoever you are going with!)

    Good luck with your decision, let us know what you did and happy birthday
  12. Birthday.