Don't know what to do :(

  1. Hi, Everyone!

    Sorry this does not pertain to COACH at all but I just wanted to hear what everyone thinks and what they shoud do. I live in a small town and there's this store that just recently opened. So, I went there and found lots of pretty handbags with no label at all. Nothing. Like I said they are pretty and prices were about $ 50-90 each. Anyway, I came across a table with Dolce and Gabbana. I asked the owner. "Are these fake?" and she said YES :confused1:. I thought they sell FAKE stuff in discretion. So, I went to purchase a pewter handbag that looks like a Balenciaga. It was really pretty but all I was thinking that this woman was selling FAKE stuff. So, after a week, I went back and exchanged the bag for 2 tops. I just can't justify myself buying a handbag from that woman. As I was returning it, I saw a lot of FAKE Prada in another shelf :sad:. I was really embarassed to be there. The reason why I exchanged the bag is because the policy says that you can only exchange but not return. That sucks! Sorry for the long thread. I just want to know what you guys think if it were you. Thanks in advance!
  2. NO FAKES!!! Booooooo!!!! :tdown::tdown: :yucky::yucky:
  3. I think everyone here will agree, NO fakes!!!! :wtf:
  4. I agree with no fakes. I wouldn't have purchased anything from her on principle. I'm sorry you cannot get your money back.
  5. OMG. Call the feds on her arse...
  6. It's a crime to sell fakes!! :yucky:

    It's all the knock-offs floating around that's driving up bag prices.
  7. fakes = :throwup:

    you could always alert the police and let them know what she is doing. do a search on all of the fake threads and you will see the great lengths tpfers go to to prevent the distribution of fakes!
  8. Did the bags say Gucci or Prada (or whatever brand they were) on them? Is she advertising that she sells name brand bags? It is perfectly legal to sell "inspired by" bags, and that may be what she is doing.

    There is a kiosk in the closest mall to me that sells inspired by bags. My daughter and I laugh at them every time we go by.
  9. I think almost everyone on this forum agrees with the "NO FAKES" way of living.
  10. The bags says D&G and Prada on them. It does not say anything on the table at all.
  11. I agree with no fakes either but the purse that I got from that store does not have any label at all that's why I bought it because I liked how it look. I returned that purse because of the fact that she was selling fakes. If I didn't see any designer labels at all, I think I would keep the purse even if there's no label.
  12. People need to stop buying fakes so that the market isn't there anymore for the vendors.