Don't know what to do...

  1. Hi, right now i'm saving up for a black lv shoulder bag and I have a bunch of other lv things on my whishlist!
    But when I went shopping I saw this Delvaux handbag on display. (Delvaux is a brand that has the same status as LV in my country) I really like it and it isn't that expensive (PM = 350 euro, MM = 450 euro). I just don't know if I should get it because it isn't lv. I have this thing with lv and as much as I love this bag, I don't know if i will adore it as much as an lv bag.
    So now I'm asking your advice: Did anyone else on here had this problem with an other brand? Did you get the bag? Did you regret it afterwards?

    I hope I explained it right. Here's the bag btw:
    By collection, leather goods, last thre on the right in the bottom row. called Lily.

    I hope it's ok to post this dilemma here?
  2. Of course it is ok to post this dilemma here, but be prepared to get some rather biased opinions. ;)

    I think that if you feel like you have doubts on this D-purse, wait and see. Get another item from LV and if you forget the D_purse, all is well non?

    Oh, I'd also like to thank you for bringing this brand to my attention, I've never heard of it! Some nice items, allthough I don't think as a whole it stands out that much.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your answers!

    Delvaux is dull and oldish IMO but this newest line with the crowns is really cute.
    Good point to wait and get some lv first but it's gonna take a while and I'm so impatient :p
  4. Most of us here are going to vote for you to get the LV! Don't forget you are posting in the LV forum ;)

    I think if you really want the other bag, then go for it! It has to make you happy. If the other brand bag is what you are looking for then get it!

    Let us know what you decide to do!
  5. I have done this before. I am a LV lover and tried to branch out to other brands but ending up selling them because all I did was use my LV bags and not the others!!

    I would just continue to save for the LV that way when you get it, you will be in love!!!!
  6. :love:LV:love:
  7. I can solve you'r dilema easy LV haha the D bags don't do much for me they look like combination of hermes and LV and a lil Gucci...
  8. I've tried to branch out to other bags, but I always end up back at LV.
  9. Thanks for the replies!

    I'm not going to get this bag OR an lv bag. I would still get the Lv bags on my wishlist but there would be an amount of money going to this bag which I can't spend on other bags anymore...
  10. ^^^ Yup.......I think we have all done this. Save for what you really want.
  11. i would say save up for an LV bag...I've done something similar before, I'd bought an Escada bag online because it was on sale (30% off) without ever having seen it IRL before, and I regretted it the moment the package got delivered. Other brands just don't do it for me...the craftmanship, the quality, the tingling feeling...there's nothing better than the excitement of getting an LV! Needless to say, I ended up giving it to my sister-in-law... Good luck with your decision!