Don't know what to do! Big ??? about my LVs lately

  1. So I have the following problem: I used to be sooo in love with my LVs but lately I noticed that I'm not sure if I still like my Mono things. I have a Speedy 25, an Alma with the matching wallet (pochette carte de credit). They are just sitting in my closet and don't get any attention. I haven't used my Alma and Speedy in ages. The wallet is brand new. But I'm actually to scared to sell them because I might regret it.
    So what would you do? Keep them and try to fell in love a gain or sell and take the risk of a seller remorse???
  2. Don't feel bad, I sometimes feel that I neglect my LV pieces. It's just because it's hard to use all of them on a regular basis. I say don't jump to sell, if you don't like them anymore than that's a different story, but it sounds like you don't really want to part with them.
  3. i sell things that i dont like anymore.. coz there will be more new things that i will like. :biggrin:
  4. when I get tired of my LV I just put it in the sleeper bag, put it in the closet and carry another purse, lately I have been in love with my new purse from Avon. Then I find that one day I'll want to carry my LV again.
  5. I would probably regret selling them, why don't you just let them sit in the closet for a bit and think about it ? Maybe your love affair will reignite ! :biggrin:
  6. Well, I will say probably keep the bags that have been discontinued or limited edition and sell the ones that are always there which you can buy back later if you regret.:huh:
  7. I think it's best you just keep it for the moment. Why not take it out now and wear them again? Love LV alma!!
  8. Thanks Ladies. I don't know if I like the mono at all because when I compare them to my new bags (B-bags and Paddy) they are so loud. I just put them in front of me to see if I want to keep them or not.
  9. yeah, don't sell just yet. Let them sit in their dustbag in awhile and bring 'em out later and youll appreciate them all over again...
  10. Speedy and Alma are classics and will never go out of style. I'd keep those! :smile:
  11. Exactly! Or you could just sell the Alma and keep the Speedy; that way you would have just one Mono item in your collection. I am in the same boat; since I purchased the Batignolles Vertical I just don't see myself using the Speedy 30 much anymore. However, the patina on the speedy is perfect so that is why I am hesitating to sell it.

    Good luck! Trust me, we have all been there!
  12. I agree. Unless you really need the cash, I'd keep them. They're beautiful, classic bags. Who knows, you might break one of them out one day and carry it, then fall in love all over again! :biggrin:
  13. I would keep them.:smile: If you sold them and regretted later, you would need to pay more to buy them back from the boutique. Don’t forget that Vuitton does increase the price twice a year!:evil:
  14. Exactly. If you sell it and one year down the road you regret it and end up buying it again, it's the equivalent of buying one bag for the price of two.
  15. Hi Tanja!!!

    I suggest you sell them. I've never had buyer's remorse, and in fact, I always wonder why I didn't bother to sell the bags earlier. It's highly unlikely that you'll regret the bulk of your sales... maybe a bag or two but that'd probably be it.

    Use the money to fund something you really love! I don't see anything wrong with swapping purses in and out of the closet... mine are on a constant sell/buy rotation.

    Life is too short to have a closet-full of purses you're only iffy about. Gotta love them or gotta move them out, that's my motto!