Don't know what to Choose....HeLP!

  1. HI yall! I've been eyeing a B.bag on eBay and at the same time I like the zucca/nappa spy at Joma.I don't know which one to choose...The B.bag starts at $649.00 2nd-hand but only used 3x according to the seLLer and in excellent condition and the zucca/nappa spy sells for $885.00 at Joma,new.OR shouLd I just save up my money and buy the Black Leather spy that I reaLLy reaLLy Like.What's ur' opinion,suggestions share it with me....
  2. P -- a lot depends on where you live (climate/city) and what you have in your wardrobe as well. The canvas B would be appropriate for city wear & warm sunny climate, but not a lot of other uses/places. I have several B Bags, but don't use them like my spys because I live in a casual dress environment. Spy is good for city & casual & cool to warm climates.:smile:
  3. The spy would be a lot more versatile... you can use it all seasons and it won't show dirt nearly so much as a canvas B bag. I think it's a little less trendy, too.
  4. I would choose the spy because of the above reasons. Both zucca and black are really nice:tup:, so depends on which you like more or if you MUST have one now! The zucca on joma is a steal right now, actually they have a black there too but of course it costs more. I don't know how many black bags you have but if you have a lot then the zucca would be a nice change.
  5. Definitely go for the Spy! I just received my new Zucca/leather spy and it is gorgeous!! You won't regret it!
  6. I've been in this dilema many times! I always think it's worth saving up for what you really the past i've bought 'the next best thing' to what i really wanted only to decide later that its just not the same and gone and bought the thing i wanted in the first place - by which time i've spent more than if i had just bought what i wanted in the first place! phew, did that make any sense??
  7. just another thought...does Fendi produce black and zucca baby Spy's every season? because apart from black Balenciaga change their colours every season and sometimes discontinues styles, so the Balenciaga you are eyeing up might not be available whenever you want it. On the other hand if you're just thinking about the Balenciaga because it's a good deal then i think really you should save for the Spy.
  8. I would go with what you really want, save until you can get the spy you want otherwise you will always be wishing you waited.
  9. I would say wait and buy what you really want.