Don't know what bag to get! :(

  1. My husband said I can get a bag for X-mas with PCE but I don't know which one to get. I love the Medium Sig Carly but I see them (and fakes ones) everywhere. I don't want a bag that everyone else has. I also don't need an expensive fancy bag. I have the Legacy Signature Should bag and just love it. To be honest I don't need a bag but PCE is here and I have a $208.00 merchandise credit. It's not everyday my husband says "YES" So help me out ladies. I want a bag that I can wear with casual clothes. I wear mostly jeans and don't have to dress up for work.
  2. I got the Bleecker hobo leather zip hobo in British Tan. The color goes really well with jeans. It doesn't stand up on its own (only fault) but that doesn't really bother me.

    Also good is the signature stripe tote in the chocolate and bronze. I don't see too many of these walking around. It's a nice all around bag 'cause you can wear dressed up or down.
  3. How about the Bleeker Large Flap? Very pretty and casual bag that is roomy and not too many people have it.
  4. i got medium sig carly (black) and love it!!! dont really care about the fakes cause really anyone who knows coach can really tell the difference
  5. I will probably be buying the Bleecker Large Flap bag this week. I really like the size, the drop and the style.
  6. What the hell maybe I'll just get the Medium Carly. Now I have to decide on the color. Or maybe I'll get the medium sig ergo belted hobo. I kinda like that too. Too many choices not enough time.
  7. I might be biased because I am a sucker for the optic print - but I have yet to see anyone with an optic print signature bag. There are some optic prints in Chelsea on right now
  8. the ergo collection is really nice too, maybe a tote or hobo ~ leather can be dressy & casual, and the cost isn't as high as some of the others so you could get a wallet to match or a cute charm/keyfob to hang on it. the collection is also very comfortable. good luck & let us know what you choose! :smile:
  9. Yeah I think I like the Sig Ergo belted hobo. The only thing is there aren't a lot of choices in colors on the website. I went to Macy's today and they had the medium in khaki/saddle. I think it's saddle, it looks really nice and a lot lighter than my Legacy shoulder bag. Well we'll see!
  10. I love my Carly - get a medium Carly! I recommend leather cause it's not a "faked" Carly, but if not, get black signature if you don't want to swing the price.
  11. What about the chili leather carly? I think it's a great looking bag and would be awesome with jeans! Or do you want only signature? The signature stripe tote is really pretty and so are all the Carlys in signature! I'm not much help! Too many good looking bags out there!
  12. I agree with the Carly's being often replicated and waaaaaayyyyy too popular right now. I've decided on the large sig bleecker duffle for PCE over the carly sig. When I do get a carly, it will be either black or brown sig...maybe leather, as those aren't faked.
  13. I say GET THE CARLY!!!!! It's a GORGEOUS bag and who cares if it's faked....YOU know that YOURS isnt! PLEASE keep us posted and let us know what you decide on!!!!
  14. I've decided on the Ergo Sig Belted Hobo (I think). I like the khaki/tabbaco color but it doesn't look available on anymore. I saw this bag today and really liked it. I don't know the style no. either, so I have to go back to Macy's tomorrow and take a look. I have a $208 merchandise credit and a PCE coupon so I need to get it at Coach. Well ladies thanks for all your input.
  15. never had that bag in khaki/tobacco....that color is a dept store exclusive! Try to find it on!!!!! Maybe Coach can order it for you though!!!! Keep me posted and good luck!!!! :tup: