Don't know what bag to bring on Holliday

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  1. #1 Feb 13, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2014
    I'm going to Orlando (disneyworld) and NYC in April/May. Don't know which bag to bring. I'm from Europe and never been to the States before. Will be traveling with hb and teenage children.

    I have a Mick pm which is from men collection. It is a crossbody bag so hand free bag with zipper I don't know why but is seems a bit heavy.
    Then I have
    - speedy 30 Ebene
    - alma epi and the strap
    - old saint Cloude
    - NF Azur Mm
    - preloved Galliera pm (from ebay has to be send to me)
    - Eva in Ebene
    - epi petit Noe

    I'll bring Kipling crossbody bag for Disney world.

    Which bag would you recommend me to bring? I thought of the Eva inside the Galliera

    TIA a lot!!
  2. Galliera pm and Eva and use kipling at Disney.
  3. Eva inside the Galliera is a good idea !
  4. sppedy or nf and eva for evening
  5. Alma epi for day use. The strap will be useful.
    Eva for evening.

    Don't think the NF will be suitable because it's open, and I am not quite sure if it will be safe in the states. The idea of eva in the gallieria is good.
  6. Thanks for your advice. I don't know what it is but every time before I go for a trip I get so excited. Not only for the trip but the thought of walking at the airport and museums, streets with a LV bag. Haha must be because I'm a stay at home mam.
  7. Oh fun! I have been to DW many times.... I usually take a small cross body bag for the park now that my kids are older. I tell them if they want to take something into the park, they are responsible for it ie, I don't want to carry all of their stuff! :smile: The essentials you will need are a small wallet, space for phone, etc. If you need more room and your NF is not new, this is a great option IMO. Just put your wallet in the zip pocket and carry it under your arm, cinched. Some people worry about security with the NF, but I carry mine closed and under my arm ~ if someone is that close to my arm pit I will know it! :lol: I travel with NF all the time.

    The Kipling will be good for the parks ~ always good to be prepared for anything ~ including weather. Eva will be perfect for night, NF for traveling. For security, I always lock any LV items in a suitcase inside my resort room. I have never had problems there, but like to be safe. HTH and have a fabulous trip!!
  8. That does help a lot. It's our first trip to the US so really excited to all of us. One question cause I have a large and a small Kipling. The choice of bringing which one is depending on the answer.
    Do you know if I can bring food in to the park like waterbottle/lunch.
    And yes you are right the kids are bigger now so I don't have to carry all their stuff. That's a relief.
  9. Hi, how are you? Great that you're going to this trip :smile:

    My suggestion (at least one of) is the neverfull in azur. Knowing what kind of weather we have here, almost all year round, you can really let her shine in Florida!

    And I feel the same excitement about bags + travel destinations, glad to know Im not the only one :smile:
  10. Yes, when my kids were little I looked like a pack mule ~ LOL. DH and I use to have to take a full backpack into the parks! As far as I know you can still take your own snacks, etc, into the parks (my last trip was in Nov. of 2013 and this was fine). One thing to consider though is how loaded down you want to be, as you will be walking A LOT and a big bag may start to get heavy. Also, you will want something small and secure where you can fit it on rides. I try to travel as light as possible when going there because we are usually in the parks for several hours. You may want to take the small bag for essentials and the larger bag for food if you are taking lunch into the parks. This way you can fold up the large bag inside the small one after you eat. :smile:

    If you have any questions about DW feel free to PM me, I will be happy to help. I have been there about 20 times and know the parks well. :smile:
  11. Keep in mind, every time you go in the parks, your bag gets inspected. You have to open and show security.
  12. Alma & Eva..
  13. I never travel with DA - I wear too many jeans and don't want color transfer and I never travel with a bag that doesn't zip (especially in NYC). If your Galliera isn't DA then I think your idea of the Galliera with the Eva inside is great! The Kipling is good for DW.

    Welcome to the US and I hope you and your family have a wonderful visit! :sunshine: :broom:
  14. Mick pm.
  15. I like the idea of Eva inside Galliera, or if you bring a lot of summery outfits bring the azur NF instead of Galliera. Have a fun trip! :wave: