Don't know the name of my CHANEL help!


Feb 24, 2006
I got it at NM but have no idea what it's called and I would like to know. Also it's very delicate lambskin and I'm scared of using it and getting a stain on it. I would have gotten black but they didn't have it anymore. Is there anything I could do to protect it other than what I'm doing now, not using it.:sad: I've used it 3 times since Sep.2005 when I bought it. Please let me know girls, no one else but you girls would know all this. Thanks


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I don't think most Chanel bags have names... do they? Usually they're just very descriptive names, like "Deerskin hobo" or "Scarf-print 2.55" or whatever. At least, that's how it is on the website and in the catalogs.
It's a pity that you don't use it much for fear for getting it dirty. I suggest you do (cos that's why you bought it) and then send it in for cleaning when it does look a little les perfect?