Dont know if I will ship?

  1. eBay suspended my account. I got lots of pending trasactions. last thursday, i received payment from one of the buyers for a Burberry bag worth 179. Now, i tried to print label via USPS so I can track the item. But theres a notice saying contact seller for shipping address. Shall I worry about that? I wanted to ship it to shipping address thats in her paypal account but Im afraid to do so. What do you think should I do? Thanks!!
  2. this sometimes comes up if they have recently changed their address. Cross reference the eBay address and paypal address and email her for confirmation so you are covered!
  3. I don't think she can cross reference it on eBay because when you're suspended you can't even get into "my eBay" to see any of the info.

    I recommend emailing the buyer and just verifying the address.
  4. oohhh...did they give u a reason for why they suspended your account? You can call paypal and ask them to give you the address over the phone because I'd never ship to an unconfirmed address...ever! Try doing the same worked for me. :smile:
  5. Up to this time, I do not know the reason. I asked them but they refused to tell me why. I was told to fax some docs to prove my identity and I was told that they will reply in 72 hrs but its been a week now and they never reply to me yet. any idea, do i have to wait or forget about ebay? as you know ebay are so unpredictable.. dont know how to follow to rules. they are so difficult to deal with.

    One more problem is that I sent multiple emails to the buyer but she never replied to me... I am leaving for a vacation so I wanted to ship the bag before I go. what will I do?
  6. If its been 72 hours call them back.....
    You pay them good money to sell things..
    You deserve and answer.
  7. The problem is I do not know the ebay toll free number.
  8. Bagaholic, the following numbers are those I have on file. Hopefully they'll prove useful. Good Luck to you!:flowers:

    Trust and Safety: 1.866.515.3229

    These are the others: