dont know anything about Tano..sought after hobo??

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  1. Hi..I have been trying to find a nice black or dark gray leather bag with gold (or close to gold) HW. I was looking at this elliot lucca bag, but i think its now sold out, I found this Tano bag on sale on a few websites but they dont give any good pictures. How is the leather/HW of these bags? I dont want a bag that looks "cheap", especially if im paying over $100 for it. oh and if anyone has this bag id lovee to see some good pics haha...


    ...heres the elliot lucca bag i was looking at also..just for reference

  2. Here's my reveal about my pesto sought after:

    I reallllllllllly love it!

    It's a GINORMOUS bag, seriously - HUGE! The leather is soft, slightly textured, it has washed hardware so it's dark brassy... the braided handles are soft and stay on the shoulder well and it drapes like a dream! I'd love to get this in black as well but I could only get one!

    Also, just took it out in a snowstorm today and not an ounce of waterspots or anything after it dried - love it!
  3. Thanks!!! wow I think im likeing this better than the elliot lucca..and the tano is half the price which just makes it even better:nuts:

    one question tho, the buckle strap things (lol) on the side, do they sick out? or can you tighten it (if you get what i mean)...
  4. I had purchased the Azul, which you can see HERE

    The bag is gorgeous and the leather, sooo soft and like Tigerkitty said, it totally drapes beautifully. The only reason why I returned it was because it was just too large for my frame. The buckle on the side is not adjustable.
  5. After seeing the awesome reveals I got a "Sought After" a couple of weeks ago. It is not as structured as the other bag you referenced, more of a slouchy hobo. The side hardware is not intrusive and doesn't stick out from mine - it slouches with the rest.
    Doesn't look or feel cheap AT ALL - i hope you get the black one and post pics if you do!! :balloon:
  6. :pout::pout: ...The sought after is sold out on both sites that it was on sale at...and the elliot lucca bag is also sold out. I found the sought after on another site but they dont have black, and its $70 more than it was on the other sites. blah. Ill still probably get it but i hope it doesnt get sold out there too...

    anyone have pictures of this bag in the poppy color?
  7. thanks, i saw it on that had been on nordstrom and another site for $124.00. I think Iv decided on getting the chocolate one now, I think it will look good with the brass HW...and heck ill wear a brown bag with black, i think it matches:P