Don't judge hurts

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  1. So this week as I actively started participating in TPF threads and enjoying every reveal, picture of these beautiful handbags and living vicariously through everyone's purchases, I need to get something off my chest and seek solitude from you! :cry:

    Last week a gf of mine sent all of our friends a text of a lady carrying a chanel maxi at her local chinese takeaway store. Jokingly she says "who would carry such an exp handbag in a cheap restaurant- cant they afford proper meals with their new chanel bag".... I know shes joking but....she knows I am one of those people who would buy such a hand bag and I responded "ME!!" to her.

    To make matters worse, I have colleagues who make comments at me saying HOW MUCH WAS THAT PURSE...thats MY MORTGAGE....I never reveal the price as a result!

    So my question is this ladies and forgive me for the rant and long thread:
    1. How do u personally deal with these type of comments- whats the rudest you received?
    2. Where is the weirdest place u have carried your beauties (pics would be fun!)

    for me, 1. I ignore and say each to their own, I don't spend $400 on a pair of jeans like some...thanks...
    and 2. The weirdest place I carried my chanel maxi was in my track suit on holidays in the middle of the streets of Hong Kong trying to eat from a skewer from a stall!!! :lol: sorry no pics I was too busy eating!

    I hope I have abided by the thread rules!! thanks all!! :biggrin:
  2. I find myself justifying why I spend so much on a bag and I know I shouldn't. My wardrobe isn't full of cheap, faux leather bags and never has been. Many people spend a lot of money on buying 20 bags at £30-£50 and more. I'd rather quality than quantity. The only other bag I currently have in my possession apart from Mulberry is a Biba horsehair clutch in cerise.

    I don't think I have ever had any bag in a strange place, though some may say being kicked about a bar floor is a strange place for an expensive bag!
  3. Who cares? It's just a bag!
    I wear my Chanel and Hermes everywhere and every time. Why do I have to limit myself only to expensive restaurants, stores and etc? If I go shopping to Target, do I have to wear a cheaper brand? Is it even appropriate for me to do this shopping or should it be done by someone else?
    I mostly eat my own cooked food at home, now is that appropriate for an owner of luxury items? Or should I have my food served to me on a silver plate by a butler?

    Who makes those stupid rules? Stupid people do.
  4. I know what you mean, I get that all the time. The worse one was a "friend" of mine that cannot stop talking about my bags to everybody (in a very sarcastic way), these comments are constantly, it's unbelievable and of course, she needs to do it in front of everybody. The worse one was when she was moving to a new home (huge btw) and she tells me: "Ohhhh I need to buy a closet for my bedroom, but the closet I want costs 5.000 euros and I cannot afford it right now... (sigh) I'm wondering how many closets I could buy with just one of your handbags" At this point, I was so pissed that I replied to her: "hahahaha see? I was thinking just the opposite...I was thinking how many handbags I could buy with all the money you spent on that house LOL"

    So yes! I really understand your pain...
  5. Ahhh and btw, I never say the price of my bags to anybody....
  6. omy! what if its me? I did go to my local Chinese restaurant with my red maxi :smile:

    I don't care what they think! I will carry it to the market if I wanted to. it my purse! it my money! its my life. they probably need one too to make them happier an get off of peoples business. I get too busy being content and happy that I don't really have time to comment on how others are living their lives.

  7. + 1
  8. I've heard negative comments, but also positive. I brush it off.
  9. ((Hugs))

    How someone spend their money is such a sensitive subject, I wish people would just refrain from making such statements to people. If I am
    Not asking you to hand me money over to purchase my items than you should keep your rude, insensitive comments to yourself. I've definitely had my fair share of these comments directed towards me, sometimes from my closest friends. It doesn't bother me as much anymore because it's a difference of opinion. Everyone has their drug of choice, mine happen to be expensive handbags.

    The weirdest place I ever wore my Chanel bag is probably when I had my woc with me to go hiking and bike riding. Our guide called me out on it but it was a good laugh. I go every where with my Chanel since I have casual and more dressy options. I don't apologize for liking and buying nice things anymore. We work hard for it!
  10. Omg I thought I was the only one. I carry my Chanels anywhere and everywhere...everyday is an occassion for me. A few friends who made few negative remarks...worse posted something on my fb while I was in Paris saying "I wonder how much damage you already done on bags" etc. Etc. UGH. Now I just ignore anything they say and change the topic.I don't have time to play that game....
  11. People can be so rude! It just so happened that my one aunt was staying over for the weekend at my house when I got a shipment for my mint timeless WOC and the next day I had my brother pick up another WOC for me from NM on his way home from work.. When he got home I immediately showed my cousin since she always loves and admires my Chanel's and dreams of one day getting one... well, that night my aunt slept in my room and must've seen all my handbags, and first thing she says to me the next morning was "didn't u just get a new one 2 days ago? why do u need another one? is it for you or for sale?" I replied "Its for me, why?".. then she rudely said "Why do you need so many?" so I kinda gave her an attitude and said "because I like them.".. This is all coming from a lady who does not work, stays at home and doesn't do anything! I should question why she doesn't go out and get a job. UGHHHH! Why do I need to explain myself to anyone, especially if they're not paying for it. I work hard, I deserve to buy nice things for myself.. You're not my mother, you're not paying for it, so why do you care?

    I stopped telling people how much I pay for my bags, except those who are asking because they're interested in purchasing one. When my mom asks me how much was her So Black I just say "don't worry about it, it was a gift and you don't need to know". She appreciates it and loves it but my mother thinks it was no more than $2000.. hehehe
  12. Yah it does bug me when some people make their snarky comments about what I spend on bags or whatever.... But I just take it with a grain of salt..... If someone brings it up I'm 100% classy and find a witty way out of answering the question.... To each their own. Really..... Everyone has their ONE thing. Everyone. So I'm just grateful to be able to put food on the table and afford a home and be able to purchase nice things every 6's my opinion.
  13. Oh, this is really rude!!!! Your friend or colleagues shouldn't make such comments... it's totally NOT their business how much you spend on a handbag!!!!! :mad: I always get angry when I read that such things happen...

    But that's why I'm very cautious about who I'm telling about my bags... Even my family members don't know how much Chanel bags I have (seven by the way) and only very few people which I really call friends know...
    Luckily I didn't get any rude comments yet... Hope it will stay this way!!!
    And the funniest place where I weared a Chanel bag was a Burger King ^^Was in the theatre and after that I was hungry (didn't have the time to eat something before) and indulged in a Crispy Chicken Menu ^^ :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:

    BUT: Don't let such unnecessary comments put you down!!! Continue enjoying an using your Chanel bag(s)!!!!!
  14. The only people ever asking or kinda critisize my bag buying behavior are family members... but it doesn't really bother me.

    There are rarely acquaintances, let alone friends who say something. primarily because my free time is very limited and I choose not to spend time with judgmental people to begin with. I don't see any need to justify any spending as long as I'm not using anyone else's money against their will...

  15. Fo'shizzle! Hahaa!! :biggrin: