dont hurt me... another prom thread!

  1. ok well i didnt want to hijack anybody elses thread about theyre prom and prom dress so id like some opinions on a prom dress of my own please. I was going to go bridal shop but i dont have that kind of money at the moment, saving for uni, holiday, general debts etc... so i come up with some relatively cheap ideas and id love your feedback if possible.

    Inititally i fell in LOVE with this green vera wang dress however i know i cant afford it right now so :crybaby:

    Vera Wang Lavender Bubble hem dress - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    the realistic options ive come up with are these, these are the ones id love your opinions on. Im not thin nor what youd call fat! about a size UK 14 so US 10? but im very big busted! however i have to keep in mind ill have to find a suitable bra to wear with them... ok lets show them off!

    MINK EMB HALTER PROM DRESS at Warehouse (United Kingdom)

    this is one i really like however im trying to understand how id wear a bra with it :s

    BEADED ROSE PROM DRESS at Warehouse (United Kingdom)

    i think this dress is gorgeous and although its strapless its easier to find a strapless bra than a halterneck plunge bra haha!

    SASH TIE HALTER PROM DRESS at Warehouse (United Kingdom)

    i also think this dress is stunning but maybe a little too plain? like the ones above the first has the big diamante thing in the middle, the second has the tie at the waste and detailing....

    I didnt really want to go for the long length dress because im petite so i think best stick with a knee length and wear some heels with. I know what shoes i want but what colour?

    These are the shoes i want


    and they come in black and gold too! however im not sure if either colours would go with the first dress and obv the black would go with the second dress and probably silver with the last dress...

    Im really stuck! and any other opinions would be MUCH welcomed!

    Thanks so much

  2. i like like like the second and third ones the best! you might need different shoes though. have funnnn! :party:
  3. thanks! the dresses do actually look much nicer in person and the shoes look so much nicer, i think they look quite cheap on the website but i was going to get them for my 18th but didnt get around to ordering them! :sad:
  4. they don't look cheap at all! they're beautiful. can't go wrong with any of them. :yes:
  5. All 3 of the dresses you picked are really chic and adorable. Personally, I'm partial to the 3rd one. You can pair it with just about any color and it'd work beautifully.
  6. all of them are nice!
    my abolute favorite is the white with black embroidery stuff (i'm about to order it myself!)
    from what you described of your body type, I think that one will be the most flattering

    let us know what you decide :smile:
  7. Dont wanna confuse you anymore, but I like the first one.
  8. The second would probably be best for you :smile:
  9. i like the first one too:yes:
  10. Love the rose dress, very classic. New shoes???
  11. I like the sash tie :heart: :graucho:
  12. I like the third dress and would get the shoes in gold and the matching bag - IMO I don't see a difference between the first and the third (except the diamante thing and the £40) - since you are on a budget wear some bling or get some stuff from Accessorize to go with it which is more versatile in the long run.
    You can wear this dress for other occassions as well and dress it up or down. I think you have gorgeous hair so I would do something about that as well. plus the shoes are blingy so that will give it the va-va-voom. I would also get a nice shawl for your shoulders - a bit like Katie at the Oscars.

    you will look great - enjoy!
  13. That mauvey-silver dress with the diamante detail is stunning, its my fave by far :smile:

    The shoes, i'm not sure on. a pair of pewter coloured heels would match the dress detail perfectly though... :smile:
  14. Your choices are none too Xabi, in fact they are gorgeous! :smile: Love the second one, in particular.
  15. oh my gosh! thanks for all the replies!
    lara! thank you for the hair compliment, i was probably going to get it lose curled and wear a tiara or i might keep it straight i dont know yet!
    im still all confused though! im going to try them all on i think and get my mums opinion about them on my frame! i think all 3 styles are correct styles for my body type ive just got to figure out which one i like more now lol!