Don't hot stamp victorine wallets

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  1. Just a warning to anyone purchasing the Victorine who wants to have the wallet hot stamped. My local LV called me today to pick up the victorine I had ordered and when I went in they asked me if I wanted it hot stamped so I said sure. They brought it back out and the SA told me the hot stamp had slid and so the monogram was visibly distorted and would need to be sent back and a replacement ordered in. The SA told me it was common with the victorine because of the way the folds are placed and I believe it cause when I originally went in to order it they showed me someone else's wallet that was being sent back as well cause the same thing had happened. Don't recommend anyone hot stamp this item.
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  2. Thanks!
  3. Interesting. Do you think it is a lack of training within your store? I'm in Ontario, and had my business trolley luggage tag hot stamped, and I was so impressed by how perfect it came out.
    I was really upset when i had to check my trolley at the gate on a West Jet flight, and my trolley came back missing my perfect luggage tag.
  4. I doubt it's lack of training at my local store. I know most of the girls there have been there quite a few years. It's only the victorine wallet that has this issue with the hot stamping because of the folds of the wallet not allowing it to lay completely flat and still. A luggage tag would be no issue.
  5. That's a shame, you go there to pick up your new wallet and walk out with nothing and now have to wait for a new one :sad: They could have mentioned it to you before they did it if it's a common issue with this wallet. I hope your new one arrives quickly.

    Thanks for letting us know :smile:
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    Mine is fine.
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    I just got my victorine stamped lv balloons. Did it in 15 min. only for me. Hehe...

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  8. Wow...that is interesting. I’ve had one hot stamped over a year now and no concerns. Good to know for future - thx for sharing.
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  9. Thank you for sharing. I think the Victorine is a functional and beautiful little wallet and I’d like to add it to my collection soon.
  10. Thats weird. Mine didnt slide. It looks fine. I will double check though.
  11. It’s best not to hot stamp anything. I tried getting a Rosalie hot stamped and it came out crooked, due to user error.
  12. I wont hot stamp anything else then. Thanks :smile: Im happy mine didnt look weird...thanks no more hot stamping for me.
  13. Mine turned out fine. Was thinking of taking my Rosalie I bought in Italy this summer and gave it myself for xmas hot stamped. Maybe it is not a great idea.
  14. Same! Mine is fine. I actually want 1 more beside my balloon stamp. Does anyone know what kind of stamps there are?
  15. Following this thread as my DD received her Victorine as a present and we were planning on getting it hot stamped this weekend but got sick. Maybe we should reconsider this.