Don't hate me, but...

  1. I bought a couple of D&B purses. I'm a total Coach addict, but when I saw their 'glove' leather line, I fell in love. I couldn't decide between 2 of the colors so I just bought both. Plus I picked up the wallet at Macy's for a killer deal, and I couldn't resist. :P
    Copy of IMG_0873.jpg
  2. Congrats.
  3. I think most of us can appreciate the beauty in many different brands. Rightfully, D&B ought to have its own sub-forum. Lots of ladies here have purchased D&B purses lately, and many others have some in their collection. Congrats!
  4. Aw what a cute pair, lol. Most of us Coach girls don't discriminate ;D
  5. I love Dooney too! Your bags are very nice!
  6. yeah, seriously, we don't.
    coach gets enough hating on this board for us to do it to someone else :smile:
    we love everybody. :heart:
  7. Thanks everyone! When I posted this I was sweating bullets :sweatdrop: so thank you for all the kind replies! :yes:

    HauteMama - I *totally* agree, I wish there was a Dooney sub-forum.

    Thanks again guys, you do make me feel welcome. :heart:
  8. I have some dooney's too! Congrats on the bags!
  9. Congrats!
  10. Those are cute bags. I have 2 dooneys myself and recently bought a lesportsac. I was surprised when I joined the forum to find that Coach and Dooney were ripped on by some people. I always thought of them as high end bags while I knew louis and others were more expensive. Also I get tired of all the monogram lv bags I see. It seems like everyone has them.
  11. I bought a Dooney last year and I like it. Very practical, and the leather is butter soft. I get alot of compliments on that bag.
  12. I'm not that big a fan of the wallet, but you got a good deal for it. Those bags though are really cute. I love the handles!
  13. i think megs is running it by vlad...
    there have been lots of requests for one.
  14. Very cute. Love the green. How is the size on the bags?
  15. I vouched for a dooney board! I think the bags you have are gorgeous. I'm an LV girl, but I have two dooneys. I'm also planning on getting a coach and a burberry...I don't like to discriminate! Great choices!