Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful


    Remember those "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful" commercials for Pantene? Well, these folks really mean it. The following is a Sundance Channel documentary that explores the pros and cons of being attractive. The cons? Oh yes. Apparently, it's a tough job being beautiful; all the gawking gets annoying. But one of the beauties interviewed had enough self-awareness to ask, "Is this a mockumentary, by any chance?" At least she can add "funny" to the burden of being beautiful! :girlsigh:
  2. Interesting... LOL

    Is it bad to admit that I would watch it! :shame: :shrugs:
  3. Wow. I guess beauty is truly subjective... Maybe I need some special beauty seeing glasses or something:shrugs:

    BTW, is it a mockumentary?
  4. ^yeah, most of those ppl were pretty average...not saying I'm a raving beauty by a long shot, but they weren't jaw dropping. Just two of the girls.
  5. Nope, I totally would!
  6. Interesting. But, the definition of "pretty" is really subjective, and I think that's part of the pull of a film like this....

    Everyone in that video was above average but most were not head-turning gorgeous....and my standards aren't even that high! There were only two truly gorgeous girls -- the black girl and the one who got a pita for free. The average-looking girl that busted out crying about how hard it was to be pretty just made herself look really pathetic. She must have other issues.
  7. I thought they were all very attractive (except the private jet guy) :shrugs:

    But ironically, I thought the LEAST attractive one was the weepy one who was like "Omgggggg it's soooooooooooo hard that everyone thinks I'm pretty. It makes me feel, like unpretty. Whaaaaaaaaaa :crybaby:"

    I would love to punch that girl in the face! :shame:
  8. I don't think the girl who was crying was very pretty but she did bring up some really good points. I don't find everyone in the video to be beautiful but there were a few lookers there. I think I would actually see this documentary. It sounds intelligent unlike that episode on the Tyra Banks show when she went undercover as a bucktoothed woman with bushy eyebrows.
  9. Cool video, nothing to really make us go "poor thing" though but it´s fun to watch....I also think that 2 girls were beautiful, and no the jet guy is so not !!
    It´s crazy when someone mentionned employing pretty people to sit at a restaurant window ! Because I must confess I am guilty of going into a few specific shops and cafés ONLY to have some eye candy with the male staff....

  10. As far as i know this is not a mockumentary. I found it quite amusing. :shame:
  11. ^ me too lol poor babies, everyone should have such problems
  12. I only thought the black girl was pretty, the rest seemed fairly average to me :shrugs:
    The one who got the free pita or whatever had nice eyes, but the rest of her face was fairly ordinary and everyone else just had overly bleached teeth and that doesn't necessarily make someone beautiful in my eyes. And for the record I really don't like it when people admit that they think they're beautiful, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it just makes the person seem full of themselves.
  13. They asked me to join in for the filming but I declined.
  14. lol. I'm at work now, but I'm going to watch this when I go home! It sounds quite interesting =)
  15. Where were the pretty ppl??? :confused1: PPL have such strange self-perceptions.

    My BF's ex should have been interviewed for this short -- she was average at best, with makeup on, but she honestly thought she had potential in modeling. Oy.

    At least I understand I'm average and don't go on film crying, lamenting how my "beauty" holds me back. :lol: