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Dont give up on me....

Jun 13, 2006
I know i have been useless about posting pics after my NY trip but i have the photos am just waiting for dh or brother to post them... By friday they will be up as well as a few new purchases... Ie clic -clac bracelet in a yummy petrol blue green a framboise agenda and if i like it a sac en vie in vermilion..... so please bear with me and a happy christmas to you all ...


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
Wow, I'd love to see pics of your bracelet and agenda! Don't worry I haven't posted any pics of my new bracelets or agenda either.

Merry Xmas to you too sweet!!!

Grands Fonds

Alive and Kicking
May 29, 2006
I give up.......

ONLY KIDDING!! Although i am DYING to see a clic-clac in petrol blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH - I MUST have one of these.....