Don't get bored!!! is my SGH violet work

  1. I just got my SGH violet work yesterday:yahoo:. I’m so over the moon and need to share my happiness here:yes:.

    When I first saw my violet, I really thought she has got blue undertone. By the way, when she exposes to the sunlight, there is a hint of red as well. It’s so amazing to see the color changes under different light;)

    Please enjoy with me:rolleyes:.
    DSC05758.JPG DSC05761.JPG DSC05773.JPG
  2. Not bored at all I think this is an extremely beautiful colorcombo:drool:...If I wouldn't have to consider my wardrobe :s this would be on my list.
  3. Hey! Mameaw, Im never bored with VIOLET!:woohoo:
    Your new SGH Work Violet is really gorgeous.:drool:
    Who bring this beautiful BBag for you ja, Mameaw?
    Anyways, congrats and enjoy!!!:yahoo:
  4. are you kidding me?! i never get bored of looking at all the lovely violets. congrats on yours! it is a true beauty! enjoy her.
  5. Many thankssss:heart:

    i also bought louboutin shoes to wear with my violet work.

    hope it won't be too matchy:p
  6. Congrats! It's beautiful and I'm definitely not bored. Love seeing all this gorgeous bags!
  7. Your combo set looks great. I love them both. :okay:
  8. lovin' the louboutins! GORGEOUS!
  9. Gorgeous bag and your photos show it off really well. Love the shoes!
  10. WoW what a fun color...I'm really loving the SGH, color and style...CONGRATs!
  11. I'd never get bored looking at the gorgeous violet bags this season!
    Yours is Stunning!!.. shoes too...
  12. :tup: CONGRATS!!! I love violet :heart:
  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Violet!!:love: Congrats on your new beautiful Work, Mameaw!:yahoo:
  14. Another gorgeous Violet. :nuts:Congrats.:yahoo:
  15. HELL NO! NEVER get bored of the Violet SGH work!!! I'm still waiting for mine to come and all these pics are just what I need to keep me sane... or insane for that matter! CONGRATS! use and enjoy!