Don't fret even if Gucci website says it's not available...

  1. I came across this bouvier hobo (on sale for $719) couple days ago and wanted to cry when they said it was sold out. I e-mailed Gucci asking if by ANY CHANCE they had one left. I heard back from them 3 days later (that would be today) with a private link where I could still purchase it. And the ground shipping was free ! You still have to pay taxes though.

    So just wanted to let you know that if you see a good deal and it says it's "unavailable", it's still worth a try. I did and I'm getting mine in three days !

    I bought three bags in three days - a Fendi hobo, Gucci hobo, and a pink Prada messenger bag. I think I'm in trouble... hehe.

  2. That's awesome and great to know! What a gorgeous bag! I really like that white guccissima.
  3. Yeah I can't wait to get mine... by the way, does anyone know what guccissima leather feels like ? It definitely doesn't look like "supple" leather...
  4. oo i love the bag..
  5. thats a nice bag, congrats. I was eyeing on that one but it isnt onsale at the Gucci in Toronto
  6. nice bag! congratz!
  7. Congrats... I love the Guccissima leather