Dont Forget Ya Vitamins !!!

  1. I take, Female Multiple Mineral and Herbal for women.
    It is Suger and Starch free.
    Ive been taking them for about 6 years now, the down side is, they are enormous, big enough for a horse, so I have to break them up into small pieces and take it with my oj every morning.

    How about you ? what Vitamins do you take ?
  2. I've been taking prenatal vitamins just to be ready...
  3. Holy moly let me see here:

    Vit C,D,B,B12,Ester-C,E,K,multi-vitamin,flaxseed oil,fish oil,glucosamine chondroitin. I think that's about it for every am.
  4. Yikes! I don't take any vitamins. There's so many to choose from I don't know which one to get.
  5. I'm ashamed to admit, but I take kids' vitamin :P it's the gummy bears kind.. i forget what it's called..
  6. LOL! I bet they taste good though!
  7. I don't take any. I should take a multivitamin, but I always forget :shame:
  8. I take one a day womens and this calcium sup :biggrin:
  9. mee too! I take a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement when I remember to... which isn't all that often!
    Also Vit C when I feel a cold coming on although I'm not sure if that really helps.
  10. I take the A-Z Centrum multivitamin. I used to take Calcium as well, but i ran out. I keep forgetting to buy it. :P
  11. Nada. I should though.
  12. i take a multi vitamin, i tend to get a little anemic (i don't eat red meat/pork) and it really helps me keep my iron up without taking the supplements which can hurt your stomach
  13. Me too!

    A few years ago, I tried going to one of those specialty vitamin shops and freaked out reading all these disclaimers on their store brand multi-vitamin box. May cause side effects such as hair loss and a host of different problems. I am used to seeing something like Vitamin C 100%, Chromium 30%, Iron 10%, etc. I would see crazy ingredients like Yarrow, Wild Yam, and Dong Qual (what are those) listed as ingredients. I said to heck with that and went to Target and picked up my Centrum multivitamin. I have been taking Centrum for years with no apparent side effects. I use those weekly pill container things so I can keep track of taking them.
  14. Girls! If you want to have babies one day you REALLY need to take a mutivitamin EVERYDAY w/ folic acid in it!
    I was still taking prenatals until last month and my script ran out. I just bought some nice full multi's and I also take an omega-3 fat vitamin.
  15. I'm awful at remembering to take vitamins when I'm at school, but when I'm home my mom always makes sure i take a Calcium supplement and multivitamin.:shame: I also have these Olay Vitamins for women and i take them when i remember.. has anyone tried those before? I got boxes of them at a concert i was at in Central Park but I don't know how good they are..