Don't Forget the Lyrics

  1. Did anyone watch the show tonight?

    Just wondering - I was just watching and the Leann Rimes song How Do I Live I could have sworn was

    Baby you would take away everything real in my life

    But they gave it to her with "good in my life".

    Anyone else thinking the same thing????
  2. If you do a search for the lyrics, it's "Baby you would take away everything good in my life."

    I like NBC's The Singing Bee better, because it's funnier when the contestants don't get to choose the song.
  3. I've done a search and I found both. I wonder what the answer really is.

    Ya, I watched the Bee the other night and that was fun.
  4. Maybe the chorus or hook or whatever alternates between real and good in different parts of the song. Some songs do that.

    I saw part of that show today. The girl singing was awful! No offense!
  5. I do like this show.

    I did say it's not as funny when you get to pick the song, but when the choices are shown, I find myself hoping the contestant chooses a song I'm familiar with.

    I play along with this one, too!

    The cool thing is, Singing Bee is on Tuesdays and Don't Forget the Lyrics is on Thursdays, so there's not a conflict. I get to watch both! Yay!