Don't forget Barney's!

  1. They're having their final markdown too, I got some great deals. Wish I could have done more damage but I was trying to budget. I got a pair of Marc Jacobs slacks for $39, a pair of black Juicy sweatpants for $19, and a gorgeous Marc Jacob silk duffle handbag for $249. Much better stock selection than Saks right now for clothing and shoes. There were some Balenciaga bags on sale for less than $300, similar to those that were on sale at Aloha Rag recently. FYI, most things are ringing up less than the final price on the tag, but the SAs don't know what the actual extra percentage off is.
  2. oh goodness yet another sale. Now I feel like a total ditz cuz I walked right by Barneys today being that lines were too long. Now I know why :wtf:
  3. Does anyone else ever ALWAYS have problems with the Barney's site?

    :yucky: So frustrating.
  4. Any specifics on balenciaga sale stock?
  5. Yes!! The Barney's site is so ridiculously sloooooooooooowwwwwwww!
  6. Very slow, not user friendly at all.
  7. The website is soooooooo slow
  8. Just so you guys know. Barney's will no longer be carrying JUicy. I asked if they had any of the sweats in as I've been dying to pick a pair up especially on sale.

    I spent a $115
    Juicy ass shorts
    Juicy metallic shrug
    Vince Skirt
    A short sleeve t
    and a sheer long sleeve t
  9. I totally forgot to check out Barneys. I got a cute pair of sandals at Bergdorfs though.
  10. At Barney's Copley today they had one Mulberry Phoebe in dark brown marked at $199. :wtf:
  11. I was at Barney's at the Chestnut Hill Mall last week and got a great pair of Louboutin's for $217. :yahoo:They had a ton of shoes that were really wonderfully priced. My roommate tried on some manolos that I think were in the $200-$300 range but they didn't fit. I was there almost at closing time so didn't get to check out other merchandise.
  12. holy craps... where is copley!?!??! u think i can call the SA to see if its still avail?
  13. I believe she referred to Copley Place in Boston, MA. I and my fiance actually just went there today in search for a ferragamo bag and stop by at Barneys. I saw the Mulberry bag. It is actually more like chocolate color (I'm not very familiar with Mulberry bag though). And the price, I believe is $299 but I'm not so sure now.

  14. I thought something was wrong with my mac :weird: I should've known better:idea: there site sucks:yucky: I got so frustrated with how long it took to get to different areas, that I just exited out of that safari page:hysteric: just call it,"case of the bad nerves.":lol: