Don't feel bad bout LV Purchases...

  1. Even if you think you're addicted, cause last night on Nightline they had an episode about thrill seekers, and they had two boys in So Cal who were like crazy on their bikes (BMX's), they did all kinds of tricks and had broken every bone in their bodies and were so addicted to the adrenaline rushes, that they just kept on doing it, they both had over half a million in doctor's bills and they were teenagers.... so, we can do some damage with LV, but I seriously doubt any of are gonna do half a mil on our adrenaline rush....:wtf:

    so, just enjoy, it's a pretty darn innocent habit. really.:yahoo:
  2. Haha, thanks Veronika! I feel much better now! :wlae:
  3. Vee, you've never done tricks for your LV....:graucho: oh, that's half the fun of it!:lol:
  4. oh I saw that preview, I stopped watching it at that point, but tuned in for that part about the porn stars, lol. I don't feel guilty about how much I spend on LV bec. I really budget it, I don't buy more than we can afford and I save quite a bit to go towards it, it's not just dh shelling it out(I don't work so I use dh as the ref. for our income). I also plan out exactly what/how many bags I will be buying for that year so that I know how much is going towards it. I am not an impulse shopper or 'thrill' seeker, like those poor boys. As a mom to all boys, I didn't have the heart to watch that dateline thing with the teen boys. I felt sorry for them and their moms. For now my boys are content w/ just jumping off the couch!
  5. lolz:roflmfao: :roflmfao: LV=fun
  6. I forgot to say, I love your Louis and his new 'do! It's so cute he lets you do that, lol :smile:
  7. No girl, unless you call sweating at my job all day a trick, and actually, I guess it depends on how you look at it, but it IS very tricky...:p

  8. aawww.... must be sooo different to see that being a mom of boys, I didn't think bout that... it's so different for kids these days, never being a mom, I'm not in tuned to it... I feel for ya. Bet you're a great mom! And, so practical with your LV... very very responsible girl! I like that...:love:
  9. I love having an "innocent" habit - ha! Although, my husband still doesn't understand why I would need more than one purse.

    BTW, love Samurai Louis's do.
  10. me too! A co-worker just requested that she go to the hospital (I work at UNM Medical School) to go visit her niece whose having her methadone addicted baby... lord.

    I think I'll just dive into my LV and go to hell in a handbag... a lot less painful...

    And, Mick... here I thought the whole time, you were sooo innocent!:wtf:
  11. Eek - maybe that's why I carry such large bags, so I can dive in, or at least put them over my head and act like an ostridge.
  12. yep, I'd like to put them over a couple of guys heads I know,,, haha,,, I LOVE to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich! Those are such cool birds... I've never seen them bury their heads.... too bad we eat them now...:confused1:
  13. Yeah - I usually just want to smack some guys with my purses, esp with some of the ones with all the hardware (maybe that's why I really want a Manhattan?)
    I've never actually had ostrich, buffalo yes, but not ostrich. But as far as seeing them bury their heads - it sounds like you need more Discovery channel :p
  14. I'd like to put my Framboise Brentwood over the head of the one who stood me up two times last weekend... yep. Not once but twice, crazy. No more of hims. none.:push:
  15. Sic Samari Louis on him - he's def no good. You deserve someone MUCH better than that. Someone who will buy you LV - and Louis some more ponytail holders.