Don't Expect Botkier to Guarantee Their Bags

  1. I bought a Botkier hobo-style handbag at Neiman's Last Call just this past May. I loved how I could wear it over the shoulder, it's roominess, the supple leather, and unique hardware.

    Unfortunately, the darn thing would constantly fall off my shoulder.:cursing: The strap would come loose from a small loop that held it together and then just come off the ring at one end of the bag. Most of the time, the small loop would still be on the strap so I would just put it back together.

    This Saturday, my luck with the bag came to its end. As you might have guessed, the bag fell off my shoulder but the small loop was nowhere to be found. I looked all over, I moved my car, etc. but I guess it went to handbag parts heaven.

    I called and emailed Botkier about the problem. I was told to send the bag to them and they will stitch the bag for $40! I get a poorly designed bag and I am truly having to pay for it. :tdown::tdown::tdown: I don't care if the bag came from last season or the current season, they should guarantee their bags for quality craftsmanship. LV covers their bags for five years. Coach covers their bags for life. Even if my bag came from 2005, they should cover it. I might as well take the bag to my own tailor. All I want is the small loop back.

    Sorry for the long story. Moral: If you ever have a problem with your Botkier, don't expect them to take care of you properly.
  2. That's horrible! What about calling again and asking to speak with someone other than who you spoke with the first time. This is not my idea of customer service and it's appalling that Botkier would risk losing cutomers (ie you and whoever you shared this story with) to gain a measly $40!
  3. I sent another email to the representative that helped me (Jinnie) and I carbon copied it to their sales department and customer service department about how I felt about their suggestion. They did not respond so I am assuming they don't care! Can you tell that I am upset? I have three Botkiers- the trigger, the hobo, and a clutch. That's all for me. Thanks for your concern Tonij2000.
  4. I'm sorry to hear about this. I know I've been disappointed when highend designers don't respond to customer service issues in a satisfactory way.

    You might consider taking it into Neiman's and asking them if they can help you. I had a stitch come loose on my Botkier and they just had their in-house alterations take care of it for me. That said, my Botkier was current season.

  5. You have every right to be upset. One of the reasons we buy expensive bags is because we expect them to last, this one of yours didn't and Botkier should replace it. I was planning to buy a Bianca one day but not now! I'll Email Botkier CS reps Monday and tell them they've just lost a future customer (if that makes sense, it does to me).
  6. Cyclgrl, I thought about that but I haven't had luck with Neiman Marcus repairs. I bought my husband a Gucci wallet for Christmas. It started to wear badly and a seam was coming loose. I brought it back to Neimans and they said they would fix it but it just looked the same when it came back. I feel my best option is to go to my own tailor. He's fabulous. I just wish I had that small loop. Botkier tends to use the same kind of leather (at least, all the ones I own) so they could just make me a small loop and mail it to me.
  7. That's what I was thinking. It's not the same bag without the small loop. Thanks for backing me up. Maybe Botkier will respond better to me after your email. My bags of choice now are Gryson, Kale, and Anna Corinna. I just scored a Marc Jacobs multipocket handbag at Neiman's Last Call and a Hayden-Harnett satchel from the Big Bang Sale so I am going to enjoy them for awhile first. I wanted the multipocket before it was no longer in existence and I just happen to walk in on the right day.
  8. That's absolutely awful. I would be steamed to! I had been eyeing the black rose hobo and satchel, but I'm definitely having second thoughts now!
  9. I just sent this email to

    Dear Customer Service Representative,

    My name is XXXX XXXXXXX and I planned to buy a large
    Bianca for fall as the bag is gorgeous and I've heard
    wonderful reviews from owners of this bag who belong
    to the same fashion forum as I.

    I decided against purchasing however, because
    yesterday a member complained that a new hobo styled
    bag of hers (and she has three Botkiers by the way)
    needs a minor repair (as an attachment to the bag
    continually came apart and was subsequently lost)
    and instead of offering to repair this bag of hers, your
    customer service solution is to charge $40 for what
    sounds like a workmanship issue.

    I find it irresponsible, to put it mildly, to alienate
    and lose at least a repeat customer, as well as
    tarnish the Botkier reputation by not providing excellent
    cutomer service.

    There are literally dozens of designers/brands who
    would love the opportunity to provide what consumers
    expect. Shame on you for insisting that your loyal
    patron find quality and service elsewhere.

    Please reconsider you position,
  10. I really hope they make this right with you. That's pretty crappy cs and makes me think again about buying one of their bags.
  11. Agreed..I am really sorry to hear that you are dealing with this.
  12. Very well written!
  13. Wow, I am so sorry to hear that they treated you like this. This really concerns me because Botkier is not an inexpensive label. Maybe we "tpf members" should flood their cs with emails in support of our fellow member.
  14. I sent them an email just now describing how appalled I was at the way they treated her.
  15. I feel for you! I have a Bombay Satchel, which I love, though it weighs like a hundred pounds (it seems) but I am going to look it over carefully for anything that might be getting loose or thinking about falling off.

    As for GREAT cs, GUSTTO just sent me a free luggage tag for my baca--I emailed them saying I needed to buy one in petrol, the next thing I get is an email with a UPS tracking number and the tag arrives a week later--FREE!

    Feel free to mention the great Gustto Customer Service in your communications to Botkier, btw.

    And some of the Botkier bags for this fall season look a bit more delicate than previous years too--is the rose gonna fall off the 'rose' line?