Don't ever buy Darphin!


Feb 1, 2006
Hi everyone...
I bought Darphin's skincare products and my skin has NEVER looked worse!!!
I went to a cosmetologist and was told I couldn't go wrong with these products cuz its all natural..
Yet it just got worse and worse and she didn't really know what to do to help me - don't think she should be practising at all!!!!
I went to another cosmetologist to get her opinion. She sent me straight to a skindoctor (don't know if thats what its called but I guess U know what I mean).
I now have to get 2 session of light (had my fist today) and have to take a pill everyday for 2 months and during this I may not wear makeup on my skin - only my eyes - and I may not use any kind of lotion... My skin feels like a dessert :yes: and I look like s***!!!

I wont get my money back... And I'm soo not happy about that but I don't wanna argue with her anymore..just want to get it over with!! And the only thing I am happy about is that it's now being taking care of and I only have to wait 1 month to see results. And in 2 months my skin will be clearer than ever - they told me :yahoo:

Just wanted to share my little story..
Beware of Darphin;)
Thats horrible! I am soo sorry this happened to you! They should have given you your money back?? did you use a lot?? Regardless, every brand reflects differently on each person, our skin is different. I suggest next time you try something new, designate a small part of your skin and test it out! I hope your feeling better!!
I'm not surprised you had problems. :sad:

Darphin has a lot of alcohol and other irritating ingredients in their products. They really have nothing to offer... but problems.

Why can you not use a soothing cream on your skin if it feels like a desert? Something mild with water binding agents anti-irritants? I would get a second opinion to see if there is something that you can use that won't cause further irritation.
Hi again.
I don't know if it was a specific ingrediant my skin reacted to. And I think I should have gotten all of my money back!!! I really do but I just didn't and don't wanna talk to her about this again.. Just wanna get it over with as soon as possible.

Minnie: I'm SO gonna do that when I can use skincare again!!!

Jayne1: I didn't know it had alcohol in it - I was told it was totally alcohol free and all natural ingrediants!!
I can't use any kind of skincare during this healing process :o)
For the pills to work as fast as possible I shouldn't use anything. It sounds really weird but I actually think its true...
I think (maybe) it's already working... I was told it would get worse before getting better and it is worse but since yesterday I think it is already a bit better... not as red as it has been during the weekend. :biggrin: