Don't Even Know If I Should Say This...

  1. But I think I should have gotten the Mahala in the leather instead of the liquid patent. :crybaby: What do you guys think? The problem for me is that I don't have a boutique or a NM or anything like that to be able to go and view the bags first hand. So - I called my JC boutique and asked about the cognac and didn't even know at the time that it came in both the liquid patent and the leather. Anyway - I love the cognac color so that is not a problem. They said they had the cognac liquid patant and wha - la it was mine! :p But - after much hype over the electric blue - I called them back and they sent one out to me today on approval. I hate to say this, but I actually really like the color - never have had a colored bag in my life so why I would want such a bright blue I'll never know:confused1: BUT the main thing is that this electric blue that they sent me is the leather and not the liquid patent - and I love the leather much more! I don't know what to do? What do you guys think? I know that patent is huge for this fall.... omg ... I am going round and round on this... need some help from you all. Thank God for this forum because no where else would anyone understand the obssessing I go thru...
  2. My thread is kind of confusing :confused1: wonder why... the issue is really whether I should have gotten the cognac in liquid patent or the shiny leather and just need more experienced JC lovers and users to chime in! :flowers:
  3. I own two patent leather bags (a Jimmy Choo Ramona and a YSL Downtown). But in the Mahala style, I personally prefer the regular shiny leather over the "liquid patent."

    It's just a matter of personal taste, of course, and I don't mean to offend anyone. I just like the more monochromatic look as opposed to the sort of two-tone effect that you get with the liquid patent, if you know what I mean.
  4. another thing to consider between the two is - if you like a bag that is more flexible and softer the leather is a better choice.
    If you like a stiffer more structure the liquid patent is the way to go.

    I personally Love the liquid patent - its stunning, but love the softness of the leather. Guess I go both ways :p
  5. I love the look of the liquid patent, so beautiful!!! But I prefer the slouchiness of the leather. A tough choice, both are lovely!!
  6. I prefer the is more flexible. The patent is gorgeous, but I agree with Cosmopolitan. I just don't like the two-tone effect. And you mentioned the blue--go for it!
  7. I say definitely keep the blue if you can. It is so striking and gorgeous. I personally don't like the liquid patent as much as the shiny leather. I know patent is "in" this fall, but I just don't care for the liquid patent.
  8. I am waiting for the regular leather version in the Cognac. If you'd like, I can post some photos when it arrives, so that you can see how it looks with the regular leather. I know that it is not in person, but might help you before you make any decisions that are too concrete. Just let me know if that would help!
  9. I would really love that - thank-you so much!
  10. :smile::tup:
  11. You must have gotten one of the last ones. Sold out in brown everywhere. This is a great bag! I'm not a patent person either. Having said that I really want a patent Choo clutch. I just thing the bag is a bit too much patent for me.

    And YES, I would love to see some pics when it arrives!
  12. ilove2shop - could you post a picture of your Cognac liquid patent Mahala? The one on the JC website is so small and 2D looking.

    I am also considering the same bag. Like you, I do not have a JC boutique. The Nordies carries a few, but only the Malena and never the Maddy or Mahala.

    I would love the sale Maddy in the python-jungle color. It is on the JC website. But alas, it cannot be shipped to the US. :crybaby: Don't know why because there are plenty of python cowboy boots for sale in the US.