Don't drink and post on eBay ever

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  1. Ok Mod's I know the fakes in the report this thread..but this one is too funny.

    Some creature actually posted an LV knockoff on eBay (what a shocker..) but the funny part is how much her starting bid price is.... $7000 :wtf: :wtf:

    This is the biggest case of seller delusion I have seen in a while. NO ONE is that stupid to bid on this.

    But what makes me really laugh is that eBay charges you $$$ to post auctions and the more your begining bid is the more money you have to pay. So starting bid of $7000 is alot more than oh say, a starting bid of $70.
  2. LOL who is gonna spend $7K on a seller without any feedback? i love the $8.10 shipping charge!
  4. the pics r extremely unclear plus the bag doesn't look auth to me ....
  5. Ewww.
  6. OMG.. and she said that she bought it from Saks in NY.

  7. ...and she only excepts paypal. Excepts? :roflmfao: except what?? except that it's not real?
  8. ^^I think she means she took it home in a plastic sack from Canal Street.
  9. lol

    Okay louisgurlxoxo... I'll move your thread to the Shopping section and leave a link in the main forum...
  10. same purse as jessica simpson!!! Oh I just gotta snap that baby up!
  11. LOL...that's what I was going to say!:p
  12. Ewww! How UGLY!
  13. OMG too funny!
  14. The pics are completely blurry and there is one of those hang tags on it, oh my!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.