Don't do online!!

  1. Folks theres seriously so much more to the Legacy collection and key fobs and all that fun stuff at the actual store then on the website AND the catalog. And they also showed me the book for the next incoming lines. I didn't have enough time to take a gander, but I did see the resort line. It's totally worth going to the store if you can!!
  2. ooh, can't wait to go to my Coach store to see it all in person!!
  3. :sleepy: <-totally off topic but i love that smilely.

    and yes. i'm so glad someone finally pointed out that its always better in store versus online. we always have a binder "current assortment" that has all the products on the floor, as well as the upcoming ones (e.g. resort) and also older versions just in case you missed out.

    and the CBSR also gets new stuff too, as well as limited/special editions...i think we're going to get CBSR update next week or the week after that. but it's within two weeks and those are the brand new spankin' bags coach is going to make. so if you don't see anything you like so far...just grab that big red binder or ask your SA

    i always tell the customer, if you don't love the bag, then wait, we may always come out with something similar to what you have in mind.

    CBSR and current assortment is great for me to use as a selling tools.

    you guys should take advantage of it too.

    btw the new jewelry pictures and the upcoming keyfobs can be seen in the accessories mini book, just ask the SA
  4. ugh, i should have looked at the 'binder' i saw earlier at the store.
  5. I have no store near me!:crybaby: The nearest one is a couple hours to get to, no outlets either, I had a friend tell me Stein Mart is now selling Coach and we are going tonight to check it out and that will be a hours drive for us. :wlae: wish Coach was closer and I wish I had a store I could walk into!!
  6. ms whitney, so we just ask for "the mini accessorie catalog?"
  7. It'll be behind the counter, if they don't know what you're talking about - say it's the one with the pictures of the keyfobs, lanyards and jewelry in it :smile:
  8. I went to 2 coach stores today and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered a bag that I don't know the name of, but it has the crisscross leather stitching detail in the front. The color is Moss. I thought it was grey, but I think it will pick up as either or. They only had the floor model and that was pretty dinged up for a brand new bag. I'm also ordering the bonnie gloves tomorrow.

    There are only 34 whitney cuffs left in the country so if you want one, I would order it now.
  9. Oh I see, alright thanks Sprinkles! And thanks again for the special packaging, it was a pleasure ordering from you!
  10. ^^Congrats Elongreach! I saw that at Bloomies last night and loved it.
  11. So then folks their may be other breeds as well, if you wanted your dog that wasn't a beagle or westie.